How to delete a file on your Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Board Side View

Like any other computer, your Raspberry Pi can fill up with unwanted items. You may have created a file that you no longer need or downloaded a file you no longer want.

If you’re ready to do a bit of cleaning on your Raspberry Pi, we’ll show you how to delete a file.

How to automatically move blocked emails to the trash in Mail

Move Blocked Sender Mail to the Trash on iPhone

It may seem odd that when you "block" an email sender in the Mail app that you still receive emails from them. How it works is that the email will still land in your inbox but be marked as blocked. You can then do what you like with the email. But most times you’re going to delete it, right? Otherwise, why block the sender in the first place if you want to see their emails?

Do you want to eliminate the need to take another action to remove those messages from your inbox? If so, here’s how to automatically move blocked Mail to the trash on both iOS and Mac.

New to Mac? How to empty the Trash on your Mac

Empty Trash Mac Empty Trash Context Menu

If you’re used to the Recycle Bin on Windows for unwanted items, when you move to Mac, this folder is simply named Trash. And just like a recycle bin needs to be emptied from time to time, so does the trash.

On Mac, you can empty all of your Trash or just certain items. Plus, you can have the Trash emptied automatically, so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. If you’re new to Mac, here is how to empty the Trash.

How to skip the Trash and delete files on Mac immediately

Permanently delete files on Mac by skipping the Trash

Not every file you get rid of on your Mac needs to go to the Trash folder. Using Trash is handy just in case you want to get a file back. But, if you know for certain that you want to delete a file permanently, do so right away! Why bother sending it to Trash?

Here’s how to skip the Trash and delete files immediately on your Mac.