How to clear all Apple Watch notifications on watchOS 7 and later

Clear All Notifications Button on Apple Watch

When Apple released watchOS 7, it introduced some great new features. Apple Watch wearers can use Family Setup, create a Memoji, and make sure to wash their hands for 20 seconds. But with watchOS 7 came some other changes that are still head scratchers. One of these changes is how to clear your notifications.

You used to be able to clear all of your alerts at once with a handy Force Touch gesture. But if you have the latest watchOS version on your Apple Watch, you might be wondering what happened to the gesture and how to clear notifications now.

Clear all Apple Watch notifications at once

When you see that small red dot indicating you have notifications, you can easily swipe down on your Apple Watch screen to view them. Tap one to open the app or swipe up to hide the notifications. This part hasn’t changed with watchOS 7.

But what has changed is that to clear all your notifications at one time, you’ll have to scroll.

With your alerts in view, use your finger or the Digital Crown to scroll to the very top of your list. Then tap, Clear All.

Clear All Notifications on Apple Watch

Now this isn’t a huge, cumbersome task by any means. But it seems like a step backwards for many Apple Watch wearers. Before, you could simply use Force Touch anywhere on the alert list to clear it out. But now you have to scroll to the top which isn’t ideal if you have many, many notifications.

Another of the Force Touch features that was changed with watchOS 7 is how to view your Calendar events in List view. So be sure to check out our updated tutorial on that as well.

Wrapping it up

It’s your turn; tell us what you think about the new way to clear all of your Apple Watch notifications. Are you one who does believe it’s a step back or do you not receive enough notifications for it to matter? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter!

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