6 tips to customize your iPhone Home Screen for a unique look

iPhone Home Screen Customization Tips - BlueKiyoshi Screen

So far it seems that iPhone users are really enjoying the new options they have for their Home Screens. If you’re one of those people and are still seeking ways to make your screen fit your personality and taste, then you’ve come to the right place!

With tips from iDB, you can take your Home Screen to the next level. Whether you love animals, games, or characters, and want to change widgets, icons, or wallpaper, here are great ways to customize your iPhone Home Screen.

Tips to customize your iPhone Home Screen

Find and add Apple widgets

Widgets are handy tools that you can put most anywhere on your Home Screen. They come in different sizes, show various details, and can give you terrific overviews of things like your Calendar, Mail, Weather, or Notes.

Check out our walk-through for how to find, add, and remove widgets on your iPhone Home Screen.

Widget Gallery on iPhone

Use third-party widgets

Along with widgets for Apple apps, you can use widgets for third-party apps. For tools like Spark Mail for email, Pedometer ++ for step tracking, and Unwind for relaxation, all it takes is a glance at your screen.

Spark and Unwind Widgets on iPhone

Not all apps on the App Store offer widgets and those that may not have them now, might implement them later. So be sure to look at your favorite apps to see if they provide widgets.

Or even better, simply review our list of the best apps with widgets for your Home Screen for an excellent start.

Create custom widgets

Maybe the widgets for Apple and third-party apps still aren’t enough for you. Good news, you can create your own widgets!

Using one of the apps we’ve highlighted in our how to create custom widgets article, you can create the exact widgets you want. From those that show the date, time, or weather to others that display photos, quotes, and your agenda, custom widgets let you pick the data and appearance.

Widget Wizard and Widgetsmith on iPhone

Make a widget with your favorite color as the background or accent, select the style of text that fits your taste, and you’re on your way to great customizations for your Home Screen.

Change your app icons

So once you have the widgets you want to use, what else can you do to spruce up your Home Screen? You can not only create your own widgets, but custom app icons too! With the Shortcuts app and the images you want to use, you can give your iPhone a theme you love.

Icon Packs iPhone - Flaticon

The ability to create custom app icons has been around longer than iOS 14, but didn’t get the love it deserved until iOS 14 was released. Why? Probably because you can now create a unique and distinctive Home Screen with more tools than ever before!

We have a complete tutorial that shows you how to make custom app icons, but that’s not all.

Where to get app icons

Want to know where to get images for your icons? We also have a list of the best spots to find packs of icons and even individual ones. With icon packs, you can really theme out your device. Go with an elegant black and white, fun and colorful, or old school retro look. Whatever you want, iDB helps you find it!

Where to get inspiration

If you love the idea of creating custom widgets but just aren’t sure what theme you want to go with, get some inspiration! We’ve shared a whole list of iOS 14 Home Screens to do just that. You’ll see themes like those mentioned above and even more.

Is pink your favorite color? Do you love Disney? Are you a hardcore gamer? Check out our list of Home Screens complete with screenshots for ideas.

Create blank icons

You may not realize it, but you can create blank spaces on your Home Screen using custom icons too to make them match your wallpaper.

iPhone with blank icons on Home screen

Then you can move those icons anywhere you want on your screen to increase the spacing around and between your app icons. This is a great way to truly get the exact look you want for your iPhone Home Screen.

Head over to our tutorial to create blank icons to get started.

Don’t forget the wallpaper

Whether you decide to use widgets and custom app icons, a cool theme, or just a mixture of everything, you’ll probably also want a new Home Screen background, right?

iOS 14 iPhone wallpaper idownloadblog mockup

While many of the icon packs you’ll find at places like Etsy or by specific artists do include wallpaper, not all do and not all may have the one you want.

Take a look at some of our recent collections for brand new iPhone wallpapers.

And keep in mind that the backgrounds on these lists aren’t just for iPhone. So you can jazz up your iPad or Mac screen at the same time!

Additional Home Screen customization tips

The way your iPhone Home Screen looks is obviously what these customization tips are all about. But there’s more. Maybe you want to change notification badges in the App Library or find out how the Smart Stack widgets work. Here are more how-tos to look at for your iOS 14 Home Screen.

Wrapping it up

If you’re someone who absolutely loves personalizing your device, then you’re probably excited about the various ways you can customize your iPhone Home Screen. So let us know which one or more you’re planning to do or maybe already have!

You can comment below or visit us on Twitter. And remember, if you have a screenshot of your newly designed iPhone Home Screen that you want to share, Twitter is the place to do it! Use “#iOS14HomeScreen” or similar and mention iDownloadBlog!