Where to find the best iPhone icon packs for your Home Screen

Creating custom app icons with Shortcuts is an exciting way to customize your iPhone Home Screen. If this is something that interests you, how about making sure you have the icons you want? Sure, you can use a photo of your pet or a picture of your pal, but if you want to go with a theme, an iPhone icon pack is a terrific option.

Here are some awesome spots to find iPhone app icon packs.

Customized iPhone Home Screens with Icon Packs

Icons for iPhone Home Screen

Sites with sets


Iconscout offers icons for everything from iOS to social media to company brands, and more. You can find plenty of free icon packs to pick from or spend a little to get a premium pack.

Get started on Iconscout:

When you land on the Iconscout website, click on the Browse button on the top left. In the drop-down menu, you’ll see a section for Icons that includes featured, latest, and popular packs, free icons, and other options. You can also click Icons on the top left navigation to browse.

Iconscout website icon packs

Depending on the type of theme you want to use, whether Game of Thrones, superheroes, office, or holiday, you’ll find a pack for you! Scroll to the bottom of the Icons page, and you’ll see categories or pop a keyword into the search for something in particular.

Select a pack you like, and you’ll see all icons included, any pertinent licensing details and pricing, and a Download link. Sign up for a free account, and you’re on your way.

Iconscout office icon pack

Iconscout is available on the web as well as on desktop for Mac and Windows.


Another great spot for icons is Flaticon. You can search for individual icons or packs, browse a terrific selection, and find icons for holidays, social media, countries, multimedia, and more.

Get started on Flaticon:

Specifically for icon packs, hit the Packs link on the top left. With over 76,000 packs, you’re sure to see at least one you like. You can click the Filters button if you want to narrow down those choices by type, license, sort order, or style.

Flaticon website icon packs

You can also use the Search feature and download individual icons. Or create a pattern to use as device wallpaper.

If you’re looking for icon packs of animals, laboratory items, fairytale characters, UFOs and aliens, street food, or unicorns, Flaticon is where you’ll find them. Select a pack you like, register for a free account, and view all details, including pack icons, licensing, pricing, and image file types. Hit Download Pack when you’re ready, and the icons are yours!

Flaticon animal icon pack

Flaticon is available on the web.


Icons8 has all sorts of tools, from icons and packs to photos and music. You’ll also find apps, plugins, and a helpful blog. The site offers a specific section for iOS icons, so let’s go!

Get started with Icons8:

It’s pretty easy to navigate to the iOS icon options. Click Icons on the top left navigation and then iOS Icons in the drop-down menu. You can simply browse or filter your results with options on the left like style, categories, or trends and drill down further within each filter.

If you use the filter for Categories > Popular you can see what’s trending and also choose a color to narrow down the options. Pick from categories like alphabet, astrology, business, finance, household, nature, and many more.

Icons8 popular blue icons

What’s cool about Icons8 is that you create your own collections. So, pick and choose the icons you want and then download them in one fell swoop. Drag and drop icons to Favorites on the bottom or select an icon and click +Collection. Then give your collection a name and share it with a friend if you like.

Icons8 create icon collection

Having the ability to create a collection with the exact icons you want is what makes Icons8 stand out, and it has both free and paid plans. With the free plan, you’ll have lower resolution formats, but it’s worth checking out this option before jumping into a subscription.

Icons8 is available on the web as well as on desktop for Mac and Windows.

Artistic flare

If you’re looking for something unique, something you can’t find just anywhere, take a look at these attractive theme packs.

Elegant Monochrome by Traf

If simple black and white is what you like, then the Monochrome icon set from Traf is for you.

Elegant Monochrome by Traf

The $28 set includes 80 icons, both light and dark styles, and lifetime updates.

iPhone Aesthetic Sets by Shari Designs

From Dripped in Gold to Purple Passion, Shari Designs offers a gorgeous collection of premade sets for your iPhone.

iPhone Aesthetic Sets by Shari Designs

Each $20 set includes a wallpaper and over 20 icons to give your device a consistent and pleasing appearance.

Minimalistic Light and Dark Themes by Amirmio

Another option for that minimalistic aesthetic is these light and dark themes from Amirmio.

Minimalistic Light and Dark Themes by Amirmio

Each $6 set includes 35 icons for Apple apps like Books and Calendar as well as social media networks like Twitter and Snapchat.

Attractive artistry

Some spots have iOS icon packs from a variety of talented artists. Be sure to take a look at these for even more options.

Etsy iOS icons

If you shop on Etsy, then you know this is the place to go for that something special. Handcrafted goods are only the beginning. You can view a huge collection of iOS Home Screen sets, many that include wallpaper and widget images along with icons.

Etsy iOS 14 icons

Pricing ranges by artist, with packs starting for under $1, so be sure to view them all! You can use this direct link to the available icons on Etsy or just head to Etsy and pop “iOS icons” into the search.

Gumroad iOS 14 icons

Gumroad helps makers of films, music, books, and other creative avenues. And you’ve guessed it, you can find iOS 14 icons and sets here too.

Gumroad iOS 14 icons

Use this direct link to the icon packs available on Gumroad or visit the main Gumroad page and enter “iOS icons” into the search. Starting at just $3, there may only be a handful to pick from now, but more are sure to follow.

Sites with individual icons

If you’d rather browse or search for individual icons rather than packs, you can check out these additional sites.

Icons and ideas on Google Images

One more spot that’s always an option for icons and more is Google Images. Not only can you find additional places to get icons and packs but see some inspiration for your Home Screen from others!

Google Images iOS 14 icon packs and ideas

You can use various search terms like “iOS 14 icons,” “iOS home screen,” or “iOS aesthetic ideas­­” and then browse the results for something that catches your eye.

iOS app icon packs

Grabbing yourself a pack or two of icons to personalize your iPhone Home Screen even further is awesome for those who love true customization. And be sure to visit our tutorial for creating the custom app icons once you have the images you want to use.

Are you going to download some icons for your device? What types of themes do you like? Pastel or neon colors, animals or nature, or something totally off the wall? Share with us below!

And if you find some excellent iPhone icon packs you’d like to share with our readers, leave a comment!

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