How to export photos, videos and slideshows from Photos on Mac

Export Images from Photos Mac

If you want to send images, videos, or slideshows from Photos to another location on your Mac, you can export these types of items easily. And once you have the exported file, you can save it, send it, or use it in another app.

To export an item quickly, you can drag it from Photos to your desktop or another location. But you may want to take advantage of different settings when creating the export file. For instance, you might want to convert a JPG photo into PNG format or remove metadata like the location.

To help you create the type of file you want, here’s how to export photos, videos, and slideshows from Photos on macOS.

Export images from Photos

You can export one or more images from Photos at the same time. This includes entire albums. Select each of the photos you want to export and follow these instructions.

Click File > Export > Export X Photos from the menu bar. If you’d prefer to export the photos in their original format, you can choose that instead and check out our tutorial for full details on that option.

At the top of the export screen under Photos, you can select the file format. Click the arrow on the right to expand the settings. For JPEG and TIFF formats, you have a couple of specific settings you can use.

  • JPEG: Select the JPEG Quality from Maximum, High, Medium, or Low.
  • TIFF: Optionally mark the box for 16 Bit.

For JPEG, TIFF, and PNG, you can then choose the Color Profile and Size.

Next, choose the metadata you’d like to include with the file in the Info section. Check the boxes to include Title, Keyword, and Description and/or Location Information if you like.

Finally, finish by completing the File Naming section. Here you can adjust the File Name from Sequential to Title, File Name, or Album Name With Number if you prefer. Add a Sequential Prefix if you plan to organize the photos a specific way. And if you’d like to divide the photos you’re exporting, click the Subfolder Format drop-down and make a selection. When you finish, click Export.

Export JPEG from Photos Mac

Export videos from Photos

Like with images, you can export one or more videos at the same time. Select the videos and click File > Export > Export X Videos from the menu bar.

Next, you will select the Movie Quality from standard, high, or ultra-high definitions, depending on where you plan to play the video. Pick 480p, 720p, 1080p, or 4K. You won’t be choosing a format like with photos; videos are exported as MOV files.

Once you choose the Movie Quality, you have selections in the Info and File Naming sections just like when exporting photos. So make your choices in those areas and click Export when you’re ready.

Export Video from Photos Mac

Export slideshows from Photos

To export a slideshow, select it and then click File > Export > Export Slideshow from the menu bar or click the Export button in the Photos toolbar.

Like when you save a file, you can adjust the name next to Save As, add Tags if you like, and choose the Location to save the file. For Format, you can pick from Standard Definition (480p) or a High Definition (720p or 1080p) format. Your slideshow will be exported in the M4V file format. And, you have an option to export the slideshow to Music if you’d like to transfer it to another device; just check that box. When you finish, click Save.

Export Slideshow from Photos Mac

Wrapping it up

If dragging and dropping a photo, video, or slideshow from Photos doesn’t give you the type of file or quality you need, then you can easily use one of these export options.

If you have tips of your own for exporting media from Photos on Mac, please share them with our readers in the comments below or send a message on Twitter or Facebook!