How to schedule a tweet on Twitter to automatically post it later

How to schedule a tweet on Twitter - web

While Twitter has taken its time rolling out the feature to schedule tweets, you may see this option now. Available on, you can schedule a tweet for a certain date and time, review your scheduled tweets, and update or remove one from the schedule if needed.

This tutorial shows you how to do all of this starting with how to schedule tweets on Twitter.

Schedule, view, update or delete scheduled tweets

Schedule your tweet on Twitter

Head to, sign in and either click the Home tab to enter your tweet at the top or click the Tweet button on the left.

1) Enter your tweet and then click the Schedule button.

Twitter Schedule Button

2) Select the date and time for your tweet.

3) Click Confirm.

Twitter Schedule Tweet

4) Back on your tweet, click Schedule.

Twitter Tweet Schedule Button

View your scheduled tweets

If you’d like to review the tweets you’ve scheduled, this is easy. You can do it one of two ways.

1) Click the Tweet button on the left.

2) Select Unsent Tweets.

Twitter Unsent Tweets

3) Pick the Scheduled tab.

Twitter Scheduled Tweets


1) On the Home tab, click the Schedule button in the tweet box at the top.

2) Select Scheduled Tweets.

Twitter View Scheduled Tweets

Update a scheduled tweet

Maybe you want to change the date and time that you selected to schedule your tweet.

1) Use the steps above to review your Scheduled tweets and select the tweet you want to update.

2) Click the Schedule button.

3) Adjust the date and/or time as you like.

4) Click Update, make any changes to the actual tweet as needed, and then click Schedule.

Twitter Update Scheduled Tweet

Unschedule a tweet

You can remove a tweet from the scheduler and tweet it “now” instead or delete the tweet for good.

1) Use the steps above to review your Scheduled tweets.

2) Select the one you want to remove from the scheduler.

3) Click the Schedule button and hit Clear at the top.

Twitter Clear Scheduled Tweet

To send your tweet right away, hit Tweet.

To remove the tweet, hit the X to close it and then Discard. You can also pick Save if you prefer to save it for later.

Twitter Discard Tweet

Delete all scheduled tweets

If you have several tweets scheduled and you want to delete more than one, follow these steps.

1) Use the steps above to review your Scheduled tweets.

2) Click Edit at the top.

Twitter Edit Scheduled Tweets

3) Check the boxes for the tweets you want to delete or use Select All at the bottom for the entire list.

4) Click Delete.

Twitter Delete Scheduled Tweet

5) Confirm the action by clicking Delete once more if you’re sure.

Twitter Discard and Delete Scheduled Tweet

6) Click Done.

Wrapping it up

Having the ability to schedule tweets is pretty basic, so it’s a little surprising that it’s taken this long for Twitter to provide it on the web. Are you happy to see this feature finally appear?

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