Vizio confirms the Apple TV app will arrive ‘later this summer’

While Vizio has been rolling out support for AirPlay 2 and HomeKit for a wide range of its TVs for quite some time now, the Apple TV app has been missing from the equation. But the company is changing that this year.

As part of a wider announcement regarding Vizio’s SmartCast technology, the company also confirmed today in a press release that the official Apple TV app will roll out to some of its TVs beginning “later this summer”. Unfortunately, while Vizio is confirming the app’s future availability sometime in the next few months, the company is not revealing which of its smart TVs will actually get the app. It’s safe to assume the company’s newest TV sets will get the app, but it remains to be seen which, if any, older models will have it.

With the Apple TV app, owners of supported Vizio smart TVs will be able to access their library of purchased TV shows and movies, as well as rent and purchase new content from the iTunes Store. The app also makes it possible to watch Apple TV+ original content like Defending Jacob starring Chris Evans, as well as use the Apple TV Channels feature.

Samsung and LG already have the Apple TV app available on several different smart TVs, and Sony is going to be rolling out the app later this year. Roku supports the Apple TV app, as do Amazon Fire TV devices. And obviously it’s already available on Apple’s devices.

If you’ve tried out the Apple TV app on some of these other devices, what do you make of it? Feel like it’s a good app and experience?