How to customize the login screen of your Mac

Customize Mac Login Window

If you’re still looking for ways to personalize your new Mac, then this tutorial is for you. You can customize your Mac login screen with some simple adjustments.

Whether you want to show the sleep and restart buttons, add an inspiring quote to start your day, or change your user photo to something different, it’s all quite easy. So if you’re ready, here’s how to customize your Mac login screen.

Mac login window settings

Change your Mac login screen options

To get started, you’ll head to your System Preferences using the icon in your Dock or Apple icon > System Preferences from the menu bar. Then, follow these steps for your options.

1) Select Users & Groups.

2) On the bottom left, click the padlock and enter your password.

3) Choose Login Options.

Now you can pick the options you’d like to show on your login screen. Near the top, you can choose to display the login window with a list of users or usernames and passwords. You can then check the boxes to show the sleep, restart, and shut down buttons, the input menu, and password hints.

Mac Login Window Options

The last option for Show fast user switching menu as will actually put that option into your menu bar. So if you share your Mac with others, you can switch accounts easily.

If you want accessibility options on your login screen, you can hit that button to set those up and view our tutorial for a little help.

Change your user picture

You can also change your picture or that of another user in this area of System Preferences.

1) You can change your own picture without unlocking and entering your password. But to change another user’s photo, you’ll need to hit that padlock and enter your password (assuming you’re the admin on your Mac).

2) Hover over the user’s picture and you’ll see Edit display, so go ahead and click it.

Mac Login Screen Edit User Image

3) You can then pick from system images, select one from your Photos, or use the Camera or Photo Booth to capture one with your Mac’s camera.

4) Click Save after you choose an image.

Mac Login Screen Change User Image

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Add a message to your login screen

There is another option you can add to your Mac login screen and that’s text. We have a tutorial showing you how to add a message using Terminal if you’re interested, but you can also do this in your System Preferences.

1) In System Preferences, select Security & Privacy.

2) Click the padlock on the bottom and enter your password.

3) On the General tab, check the box for Show a message when the screen is locked.

Mac Login Screen Show Message

4) Click the Set Lock Message button, enter your text, and click OK.

Mac Login Screen Add Text

You can then close the System Preferences if you like and check out your new login screen.

Wrapping it up

You may only see your Mac login window for a few seconds, but making it more personal, inspiring, or useful, are all options you have. And if you’re willing to use Terminal, you can also add basic system information to your login screen.

Are you going to customize your Mac login screen? If so, which options will you select?