How to enable accessibility options on the Mac login screen

Mac Accessibility Switch Control Login Screen

If another person in your home that uses your Mac needs a bit of assistance and you set up some of the Accessibility features, there’s even more you can do.

When you each need to jump on the Mac, you can display specific Accessibility options on that Mac login screen for them, here’s how.

Add Accessibility options to the Mac login screen

Have different Accessibility features that you can include on your login screen. So, it’s not all or nothing. To get started, open your System Preferences from the icon in your Dock or Apple icon > System Preferences from the menu bar. Then follow these steps.

1) Select Users & Groups.

2) Click the padlock on the bottom left, enter your password, and click Unlock.

3) Choose Login Options on the left.

4) Click the Accessibility Options button.

Mac Sys Pref Login Accessibility Options

5) Now you can check the boxes for the items you want on the login screen for things like VoiceOver, Mouse Keys, and Zoom.

Note the two items with asterisks; Accessibility Keyboard and Switch Control. If you enable one or both of these, your settings for each feature will be used for all users at the login screen.

6) After you make your selections, click Apply.

Mac Sys Pref Login Pick Accessibility Options

If you need to remove any items you pick from the login screen later, just follow the same steps, uncheck the boxes, and click Apply.

More Accessibility features on Mac

For additional help with the Accessibility features, settings, and options on Mac, check out these tutorials.

Wrapping it up

Setting up the login screen on your Mac to accommodate all users in your home is easy to do. And if you have someone who uses the Accessibility features available then it just makes sense.

Do you have any Accessibility options set up for your Mac login screen? Or are you going to make some changes now? Let us know!