How to send a handwritten text in Messages on iPhone, iPad

If you’re a new iPhone user or simply don’t use the Messages app as much as others, you might not realize all of the cool things you can do with your texts. You can use nifty screen effects, add GIFs and photos, and pop in some cute stickers.

Another great way to personalize your text messages is with handwriting. You probably wouldn’t use it for a lengthy message, but for a quick “I’m sorry,” “Hi there,” or “I love you,” nothing except your spoken words makes it more special than if you write it yourself.

Here’s how to send a handwritten text in the Messages app on iPhone and iPad.

Messages Handwritten Text iPhone

Get ready to write

Open the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad, and then follow these steps to handwrite a text:

1) With Messages open and your text on the screen, turn your iPhone sideways. Note: You don’t have to turn your device if using an iPad.

2) When you put your cursor in the message field, the keyboard will then display a scribble key, so tap it.

Messages Scribble Key iPhone

3) You’ll then see a clean screen for you to handwrite your message. You can also use one of the premade messages you see at the bottom with a tap. But what fun is that? Whip out your index finger and use your own handwriting.

4) Tap Done when you finish and then send your text.

If you get yourself set to handwrite your text and change your mind, just tap that Keyboard button on the bottom right, and you’ll be back to simple typing.

Messages Handwrite Text iPhone

Do more with your messages

Many times, text messages can feel impersonal. So using tricks like this to make them special can make a world of difference to your recipient. Even if it’s a hand-drawn smiley face instead of an emoji, it might just make someone’s day.

Are you going to give handwritten text messages a try? What are your favorite features for personalizing your text messages? Share your thoughts with us below!

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