How to use inline replies in Messages on iPhone and iPad

Inline Replies in Messages on iPad

Have you ever been in a group conversation in Messages and wanted to reply to one specific message? By the time you try, the conversation has moved on with everyone else in it. Then it seems pointless.


The Messages app on iPhone and iPad lets you use inline replies. So you can reply directly to a specific message in a group conversation and view all related messages in a separate thread or the conversation view.

Here’s how to use the awesome inline reply feature in Messages.

How to use people mentions in Messages on iPhone and iPad

Mention in Group Messages iPad

Group conversations can be great ways to communicate in Messages. It could be a team of coworkers collaborating on a project or a bunch of friends making plans for the weekend.

One feature you’re sure to appreciate is Mentions. Just like using a mention for someone (or tagging) on social media or in a team communication app, you can use one in Messages too. This brings your particular message to that person’s attention, and the same is true when someone else mentions you.

Here’s how to use the mentions feature in Messages on iPhone and iPad.

How to send a handwritten text in Messages on iPhone, iPad

Messages Handwritten Text iPhone

If you’re a new iPhone user or simply don’t use the Messages app as much as others, you might not realize all of the cool things you can do with your texts. You can use nifty screen effects, add GIFs and photos, and pop in some cute stickers.

Another great way to personalize your text messages is with handwriting. You probably wouldn’t use it for a lengthy message, but for a quick "I’m sorry," "Hi there," or "I love you," nothing except your spoken words makes it more special than if you write it yourself.

Here’s how to send a handwritten text in the Messages app on iPhone and iPad.

New to iPhone? How to delete text messages

How to delete text messages on iPhone

There are some text messages that you want to keep and others that you don’t care about. Or perhaps there’s that one message you want to make sure no one else reads. And while you can have your messages automatically removed every so often, there may be a time when you simply want to delete them yourself.

If you’re new to iPhone, here’s a tip to keep in mind for maintenance, safety, or sanity. We’ll show you how to delete text messages on iPhone.

How to change the name of a group conversation in the Messages app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Rename group message on iPhone

Being able to participate in group messages on iPhone, iPad, and Mac is a cool way to communicate with friends or family. You might make plans together, chat about your favorite show, or just use it as a hangout.

One way to have easy access to that group conversation is to give it a name. This way, you can find it quickly when you need to in your conversation list. This tutorial shows you how to do that.

New to Mac? How to set up and use the Messages app

How to use Messages on Mac

There are some things to get used to if you’re a new Mac user, especially if you’re switching from Windows. From the different labels and locations for items to how to use the Dock to your advantage, we try to cover it all for those new to macOS on iDB.

As another how-to in our series, we’re going to walk through how to set up and use the built-in Messages app on Mac.

How to add a subject line to text messages on iPhone and iPad

Text Message Subject Line iPhone

We’re all used to subject lines in emails. That single line of text lets you know what the email is about. But did you know that you can use subject lines in the Messages app on your iPhone and iPad too?

Adding a subject line to a text message can be used for the same purpose as it is in an email. While it might not be something you use when texting with your best friend 50 times per day, it could be useful when sending text messages for business purposes.

In addition, the subject line in a text in the Messages app automatically bolds the text for that line. So, you can also use it to make specific text stand out.

If this sounds like something you’d like to start using, here’s how to add subject lines to texts in the iOS Messages app.

Bring haptic feedback to your iPhone’s keyboard with HapticKeys

If you just got finished jailbreaking your iPhone and you’ve been anticipating the idea of porting Android-style keyboard-centric haptic feedback over to your handset’s typing experience, then you just might come to appreciate a new jailbreak tweak called HapticKeys by iOS developer colecabral.

HapticKeys does exactly what it sounds like; like with most forms of haptic feedback, it provides a small amount of vibration each and every time you tap on any of the iOS keyboard’s buttons.

How to hide alerts for group texts on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Mute Group Text Notifications iPhone

Group text messages can often get out of control, with several participants sending messages in quick succession. In such situations, you can either leave the group text or hide group text alerts and see them later.

This brief tutorial will show you how to turn off notifications for group iMessage or SMS conversations on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. We will also share a pro tip that ensures you're instantly notified of the group message with you in it, even if that group conversation is muted!

How to leave a group text on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Leave Group Text on iPHone

Group text messages can be terrific for keeping in touch with family members or a bunch of friends all at the same time. You might even use them for a brief team communication at work or a group project for school. But once the conversation is over, you probably just want to leave, right?

Here’s how to leave a group text on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.