How to Name Group Text Messages

Being able to participate in group text messages on iOS and Mac is a cool way to communicate with friends or family. You might make plans together, chat about your favorite show, or just use it as a hangout.

One way to have easy access to that group conversation is to give it a name. This way, you can find it quickly when you need to in your conversation list. Plus, you can do this on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Here’s how to name a group text conversation in Messages.

Name a group text conversation on iPhone and iPad

Pop open the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad and then follow these steps to name the group conversation.

1) Select the conversation in the Messages app.

2) At the top, tap the people in the conversation.

3) Tap the Info button.

4) Select Enter a Group Name and enter your own.

5) Tap Done.

Name Group Text Messages iPhone

Name a group text conversation on Mac

If you want to name a group conversation on Mac, open Messages and then do the following.

1) Select the conversation in the Messages app.

2) On the top right, tap Details.

3) Select Add a group name and enter your own.

4) Hit your Return key.

Name Group Text Messages Mac

Do more with groups in Messages

For more help or tips for using groups in the Messages app on your device, check out these additional how-tos.

Wrapping it up

This might be one of those small things you don’t think about but can be really handy when you want to find your group conversation in Messages quickly.

Do you use group text messaging on iOS or Mac? If you do and have other tips to share, feel free to comment below!