Shazam updated with new search capability

Apple officially acquired the music discovery tool, Shazam, back in 2018, and now a new feature is rolling out for the app.

Updated today, Shazam is introducing a new way to search for music from within the app. With this update Shazam is now on version 13.10, and the new software’s primary new element is the search function which is present on the home screen. After updating, Shazam users will find a new search button on the home screen, giving users the ability to search for a song or artist without having to “Shazam it” while the song is playing.

But that’s not all. The search function also supports searching by song lyrics, too. So if you have that line stuck in your head but can’t quite place the band or artist, Shazam can help you search for it. Of course, Apple Music also supports searching for artists and songs based on lyrics.

Here’s how the new feature is described on the app’s landing page in the App Store:

Got a song on your mind? You can now tap the new Search button on the home screen to search for any artist or song. Can’t remember the name of it? Try searching with lyrics instead!

It’s worth noting that the addition of the search button appears to have removed the camera option completely. So keep that in mind.

The latest version of Shazam is now available to download or update.