YouTube Music now supports Siri integration

Apple made some important changes with iOS 13, one of the biggest being allowing third-party music streaming apps to work directly with Siri.

This means that people who don’t want to use Apple Music, and prefer options like Spotify or YouTube Music, can use their voice to ask Siri to start playing a song, skip a track, and more. Back in October Spotify rolled out Siri integration for its app thanks to the public launch of iOS 13, and now it’s time for YouTube Music to do the same.

Engadget is reporting today that YouTube Music now officially supports Siri integration. That means you can ask Siri to play a song, album, and handle media playback without having to directly interact with the app itself. YouTube Music’s Siri integration also works with Apple’s CarPlay, too.

The report also indicates that YouTube Music finally has a desktop app, too. But the big news here is Siri integration for folks who prefer YouTube’s streaming music option.

YouTube Music was announced by Google in May of 2018, alongside the reveal of YouTube Premium. While the latter service didn’t see a huge wave of adoption (with the majority of YouTube Premium originals going free these days), YouTube Music has proven to be a popular service for Google.

Have you tried out YouTube Music? If so, do you prefer it over Apple Music or Spotify?