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iTunes movie deals: recent releases and 4K action films under $10, MIB trilogy $20, classics under $5


The stylish AirTime buds from iFrogz offer sweat resistance, auto-pair mode, long battery life, EQ & other perks for the price you can’t beat

Apple & related news

tvOS 13 finally brings support for Picture-in-Picture video playback to Apple TV

Files & Camera improvements and other changes in iOS 13 beta 2

Apple Watch may support over-the-air software updates with watchOS 6

iOS 13 cautions you if an app you’re deleting has a subscription still active

iOS 13 lets you use your iPhone mic to fix audio lag behind the annoying lip sync issue

watchOS 6 lets you delete many previously unremovable stock apps but some, like Heart Rate and Messages, will remain

1,000 US Best Buy stores now provide expert service and repairs for Apple products

Video: using Safari’s download manager and Files app to share books between iPhone and Kindle with iOS 13

An inside look at Apple’s Executive Review Board that makes difficult approval decisions about controversial App Store submissions


Tonality, MyHumans, Magpie, and other apps to check out this weekend


This tweak augments Safari on iOS with new gestures and features


How to stop Mac apps from opening automatically on startup or login

VIDEO: How to give your Mac a significant speed boost in under ten minutes by swapping the factory SSD for OWC’s Aura Pro X2

How to manage Junk email in iCloud Mail for a cleaner inbox

Getting started with the Safari Web Inspector on iOS and Mac


Wallpapers of the week: sunset mountains

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