How to enable the Firefox Dark Theme on Mac

Firefox Dark Theme on Mackbook Screen

The Dark Mode on Mac is a cool feature, not just for the look and feel, but can be helpful for toning down the bright screen, especially in the evening. So, using a dark mode on your apps can be just as useful.

If you use Firefox in addition to or instead of Safari, you can set this up there too. Here’s how to enable the Firefox Dark Theme on Mac.

Turn on the Dark Theme on Firefox

Open Firefox and then follow these steps to enable the Dark Theme.

1) Click the Open Menu (three-line icon) button from the top right.

2) Select Customize.

3) At the very bottom, click the Themes button.

4) Select Dark under My Themes.

5) Click Done.

You’ll instantly see the Dark Theme mode with dark backgrounds, toolbars, and tabs.

Firefox Dark Theme in Customizations Mac

More Dark Themes

If you want to check out more Themes for Firefox, there are some dark options in the Add-ons store. In the Customization area, click Themes > Get More Themes.

There are some that can take you to that dark side, like Darkfoxlight and Quantum – Dark Blue. Click Install Theme to apply it. Just remember, these are third-party themes, not Firefox developed ones like the Dark Theme mode we discussed above.

Get More Themes for Firefox on Mac

If you install a theme you want to get rid of down the road, go back to Customization > Themes and select Manage. There you can Enable, Disable, and Remove extra themes you install.

Manage Themes for Firefox on Mac

Get into Dark Mode

Here are some additional articles on using Dark Mode on your Mac and with specific apps.

Wrapping it up

Dark Mode is easy on the eyes, looks great on Mac as well as specific apps, and is no different for Firefox users. Do you like using Dark Mode and dark themes on your Mac? Do you only use them at certain times of day or all the time? Let us know your thoughts!