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iTunes movie deals: Interstellar $10, The Hunger Games $8, and more


My favorite accessories to use with the 2018 iPad Pro

Apple & related news

Apple shares a list of AirPlay 2–enabled televisions

Claimed photos of unreleased iPad mini with redesigned antenna & no LED flash

Apple hires prominent Facebook critic Sandy Parakilas to bolster its privacy team

T-Mobile’s new Caller Verified feature offers more protection from scammers and spammers

Apple slashes iPhone XR prices for resellers in China by about $100

Building a Mac style menu for iOS

Apple’s allegedly begun production of the elusive AirPower multi-device wireless charger

How Apple could make the notch less notchy

HomeKit for TV allegedly supports controlling power, volume, input source, brightness & more

WSJ: 2019’s iPhone XS Max will rock 3 rear cameras, XR’s successor to gain 2 rear cameras


Several jailbreak hackers and developers now warn that Sileo could end the BigBoss repository

Tihmstar is tinkering with an exploit for iOS 11.4-11.4.1 devices, but there are caveats

Tihmstar opts not to release standalone exploit, instead says “something cool coming”

How to install the Sileo package manager on the unc0ver jailbreak

You can now install the Sileo package manager on the unc0ver jailbreak


Pandora releases an Apple Watch app with offline playback as a paid-for feature

Shortcuts Focus: how to work around publication paywalls to read articles for free

The best apps to help you fall asleep

Your can now upload feed posts across multiple Instagram accounts at once

Quoth, Good Chats, Moderation, and other apps to check out this weekend


How to clear the DNS cache on your iPhone, iPad & Mac

How to send and receive SMS text messages on iPad and Mac

How to set multiple timers on your HomePod

How to disable Hey Siri on iPhone and iPad

How to search through tabs in Safari on iPhone and iPad

How to change formats for dates, times, numbers and currencies on Mac

How to change keyboard layout on Mac

Checking how long it’s been since you last rebooted or started up your Mac

How to see the exact dates when apps and macOS were last updated on your Mac

How to download your Flickr photos and videos


Wallpapers of the week: considering the color blue

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