Quoth, Good Chats, Moderation, and other apps to check out this weekend

Apps of the week

This week’s edition of our Apps of the Week roundup includes an AI app for Instagram quotes, a Hunger Games-inspired chat client and a simpler solution for tracking what you eat. And as always, we’ve selected two great new games for you to check out.


Looking to take your motivational Instagram to the next level? Check out Quoth. The app uses artificial intelligence to analyze your photos and match them with inspirational quotes or hilarious memes. Just take a selfie, grab a pic of your cat or whatever and let Quoth work its magic. It will even recommend colors and let you customize fonts so your pic is primed for Likes and Shares.

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Good Chats

This is kind of an interesting concept. Good Chats bills itself as the “Hunger Games” of chat apps. Here’s how it works: the app suggests someone for you to chat one-on-one with based on your profile. After each chat, each of you is asked to rate the other, and the lowest-ranked chatter at the end of the hour gets a lifetime ban. The goal here is to reward good conversations and weed out the trolls. Check it out!

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Tired of the same old calorie-counting apps that force you to spend an eternity entering in every little detail about your meals? That’s where Moderation comes in. There are no food databases to search through and you don’t even need an account. Just tell the app if you think what you ate for breakfast, lunch or dinner was healthy or unhealthy, and it tracks this for you, offering up insights, achievements and more.

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Bomb Squad Academy

You can feel the sweat forming on your brow and your heart beating out of control as you analyze the wires in front of you. Green or red? GREEN OR RED? 5..4..3..2..SNIP! Save the world one wire at a time with Bomb Squad Academy, a puzzle game where you have to defuse bombs under a time constraint. Analyze the electronics boards and disable the detonators. Be careful though, one wrong move might trigger the bomb!

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Looking for something a little more calm and simple? Check out VMOD. This beautiful puzzle game focuses on side-effects. Tap buttons to activate them. Figure out how the different buttons manipulate each other and solve the puzzle. Features include over 50 handcrafted logic puzzles, a number of different mechanics to learn, and a minimal user interface. There are no ads and no In-App Purchases.

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