How to block access to specific websites on iPhone or iPad

Screen Time makes it easy to restrict specific websites from loading on your or your kid’s iPhone or iPad. So, whether you want to block access to adult sites or just a social media site your kid is spending too much time on, you can easily do that, and this tutorial will show you how.

block websites on iphone

Restrict access to certain websites on iPhone and iPad

1) Open the Settings app and tap Screen Time.

3) If you’re setting this up for a child with your Family Sharing account, tap their name, select Content & Privacy Restrictions, and enter your Family Sharing passcode. If it’s for the device you are currently on, just select Content & Privacy Restrictions.

3) Make sure that the Content & Privacy Restrictions setting is enabled with the slider as green.

4) Tap Content Restrictions.

Restrict Access Content Restrictions iPhone

5) Select Web Content.

6) Choose Limit Adult Websites.

Restrict Access Add Website iPhone

7) At the bottom, under Never Allow, tap Add Website.

8) Enter the URL of the restricted site and tap Done on your keyboard.

Restrict Access Website List iPhone

You’ll then be back on the Web Content screen. You can continue to add more websites to the restricted list if necessary or just exit the settings app.

Finally, open Safari and try to visit the site you just blocked. You will see that it shows, “You cannot browse this page at “site address” because it is restricted.” Tapping Allow Website will either crash Safari or ask you to enter the Screen Time passcode, which only you know (don’t share this passcode with your kid). Sometimes, the browser may also show “Safari cannot open the page. The error was: “This URL was blocked by a content filter.”

Safari cannot open the page as site is blocked by content filter

If you ever want to re-allow that site, go to the same spot by following the above steps and swipe left on the added website URL to delete it.

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