Parental Controls

How to set up parental controls on Kindle Paperwhite

Reading Kindle Paperwhite

If you purchase a Kindle Paperwhite for your child to enjoy reading books, you may want to make a few adjustments. Depending on your child’s age, you can enable parental controls with a password. Then, allow or disallow specific settings, create Kindle FreeTime, choose books for them to read, and more.

Here’s how to set up the parental controls on your Kindle Paperwhite.

How to set up parental controls on Netflix

Netflix For Kids Web

If you’re a Netflix user with kids, it’s important to keep your children from accessing shows and movies they shouldn’t. Netflix does a pretty good job of giving parents the tools they need to do this. So to help you use Netflix parental controls the best way for your child, we’ll walk you through the options and how to set them up.

New to Apple TV? How to set up content restrictions

Apple TV Restrict Movies

If you own an Apple TV, then it’s likely you share it with others in your home. And if you have children, it’s essential that you make sure they cannot see inappropriate content on the device.

For those who are new to Apple TV or simply haven’t taken time to set up restrictions yet, this tutorial is for you. Here are the content restrictions available on your Apple TV and how to set them up.

How to use Screen Time Communication Limits on iOS

Set Up Communication Limits on iPhone

With the release of iOS 13.3 came a new Screen Time feature called Communication Limits. This is a cool tool that parents have to limit who their children can communicate with during downtime or anytime.

So if you want your child to only be able to contact you or your spouse during their device downtime, for example, this feature lets you do that.

Setting up the Communication Limits on iPhone or iPad takes only a few minutes and we’ll walk you through how to do it in this tutorial.

How to restrict or only allow certain websites on Mac with Screen Time

Screen Time Allowed Websites List Mac

With the Screen Time feature on Mac, it’s just as easy to set limits and restrictions on your computer as it is on your iPhone or iPad. Whether for yourself or your child, you can minimize the time spent staring at a screen.

And just like Screen Time on iOS, this feature on Mac lets you restrict certain websites or allow only specific ones to keep your child from seeing something they shouldn’t. This is important for children of all ages and is easy to set up.

Here’s how to restrict websites on Mac or only allow access to certain ones with Screen Time.

How to set up restrictions in the Music and TV apps on Mac

Kids section TV app on Mac

Along with macOS Catalina came a few new apps including Music and TV. If you share a computer with children in your home and don’t have Screen Time set up or limit them as users, your kids could end up seeing something they shouldn’t.

To help, Apple offers restrictions in these apps to prevent inappropriate content from popping up. Here’s how to set up those restrictions in the Music and TV apps on your Mac.

How to block access to specific websites on iPhone or iPad

Website Access Restricted on iPhone

If you want to restrict certain websites from being accessed on iPhone or iPad, this is easy to do. Before iOS 12, you could do this in the General area of the Settings app under Restrictions. But with the new Screen Time feature, you’ll need to head to a different spot.

Here’s how to now block access to specific websites on iPhone or iPad.