How to set up parental controls on Netflix

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If you’re a Netflix user with kids, it’s important to keep your children from accessing shows and movies they shouldn’t. Netflix does a pretty good job of giving parents the tools they need to do this. So to help you use Netflix parental controls the best way for your child, we’ll walk you through the options and how to set them up.

Adding your child’s Netflix profile

If you already have a Netflix profile for your child, you can skip down to the next section. But if you need to set one up, this take only a few seconds. Sign into your Netflix account on the web and do the following to create a child profile.

1) Click your profile on the top right and choose Manage Profiles.

2) Click the plus sign to add a profile. You can create up to five profiles on your account.

3) Name the profile and check the box for Kid?. This will jumpstart the parental controls by only allowing shows and movies appropriate for children 12 years and under. You’ll be able to adjust the later.

4) Click Continue and the profile is ready to use.

Netflix Add Kids Profile Web

Now when your child wants to use Netflix, they or you can just select their profile to begin watching.

Editing your child’s Netflix profile

If you created a new profile for your child, you’re on the correct screen to begin editing it. But if you already had a profile created, click your profile on the top right and select Manage Profiles.

Click your child’s profile, which should have a pencil indicating you can edit it.

Netflix Manage Profiles Web

Basic controls

You’ll then see the default settings applied to the child account. If necessary, you can change the Language. And optionally, you can uncheck the Autoplay controls boxes at the bottom. Unchecking the option for auto-playing the next episode is a good idea if you want to reduce their screen time.

Netflix Kids Profile Settings Web

For Maturity Settings, you can see the default ratings are TV-PG and PG. Click the Edit button to delve further. Enter your password and hit Continue.

Maturity Ratings and Title Restrictions

At the top, you can adjust the Profile Maturity Rating for your child. If you have a younger child, you may want to only allow shows and movies with a TV-G or G rating. Just click the rating you want to use.

For Kids Profile, you can uncheck this box if you like. Or leave it checked if you want your child to see the “Netflix Kids” experience screen.

Finally, you have Title Restrictions for your child. While they will not be presented with shows and movies outside of the rating you choose at the top, there may be a particular show or movie within that rating that you don’t want them to see. If so, add that here.

Netflix Kids Viewing Restrictions Web

When you finish, click Save.

Adjusting settings later

You should now be directed back to your main Netflix account page. At the bottom under Profile and Parental Controls, you’ll see all the profiles on your account.

You can click the one for your child for a summary of the settings that apply. From there, you can make further changes like adding a profile lock PIN, adjusting the playback settings, or customizing the subtitle appearance.

You can also head back here to view their Netflix activity and more down the road.

Netflix View Profile Settings Web

And remember, these parental control settings aren’t set in stone. You can return to this account page or follow the steps at the top to edit their profile later if needed.

Wrapping it up

Whether the family and kids are watching more Netflix now than before, you just signed up for Netflix, or you just decided to create a profile for your child, this tutorial should help you protect them with parental controls.

What do you think of the parental control options available for your child’s Netflix profile? Do you think anything is missing? Let us know your thoughts below!