How to lock your Netflix profile with a PIN

Netflix Enter Profile PIN Web

Does this sound familiar? You log into Netflix, head to your queue or watch list and there are shows that you didn’t put there? Aha, it was your roommate, in-law, or pal who also uses the Netflix account – they selected your profile instead of theirs.

You can finally stop this from happening with some new features added recently. Netflix lets you protect your profile with a PIN. Now the only person that can mess with your queue or watch list is you.

Set up your Netflix profile PIN

To set up the Netflix profile PIN, you’ll need to head to the web. Go to, login to your account, and then follow these steps.

1) Click the profile option on the top right and select Account.

2) Scroll down to Profile and Parental Controls and click the arrow next to your account.

3) To the right of Profile Lock, click Change.

Netflix Profile Lock Change

4) Enter your password and click Continue.

5) Check the box for Require a PIN to access [name]’s profile.

6) Enter the four-digit PIN you want to use. Optionally, you can check the box to require this PIN to add new profiles.

7) Click Save.

Netflix Create Profile PIN

One the main Account page, you’ll now see a padlock next to your account and the Profile Lock set to On.

Netflix Profile Locked

When you login on Netflix and select your profile to watch or browse, you’ll be prompted to enter the PIN. And once you set this up on the web, you’ll be prompted for that PIN on your mobile device or other location where you use Netflix.

Netflix Enter Profile PIN iPhone

Wrapping it

If you share your Netflix account with others, protecting your profile with a PIN can save you from a list with shows someone else added. Plus, that “continue watching” queue will have your shows, not the ones they watched.

Are you going to set up a PIN for your Netflix profile?