How to receive fake calls on your iPhone to get you out of bad situations

Fake Call Recieved on iPhone

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. You’re on a date you want to get out of, in a mind-numbing meeting that you can’t leave, or at a boring gathering you’re trying to escape. Then suddenly you receive a phone call that takes you away from the situation and you’re free at last!

To make sure that you never have to go through that agony again, grab an app that makes that rescue phone call to you. Here’s how to receive fake calls on your iPhone to get you out of those bad situations.

How to use Fake Call (False Call)

Fake Call (False Call) is a free app that does just what you need. It gives you a call to help you escape your situation and here’s how it works.

1) Open the app and you’ll notice that the interface looks similar to the Phone app. Select Favorites from the bottom to set up the phone call to receive.

2) Choose from Timer to set the call to come in between one second and 24 hours later, meaning once you hit the Save button. Or, Choose Date to pick a specific date and time for the call.

3) At the top next to Phone, tap Search and you’ll see a list of your contacts (you’ll be asked to give access when you first use the app). Select the one that you want the call to come in from.

4) Tap Save and you’re set.

Now, when it’s time for your call to come in from the app, you’ll see a brief notification on your screen. Tap it and then your phone will ring displaying the contact you picked.

Fake Call False Call Receive Call iPhone

Other settings: Click Voicemail at the bottom of the app to adjust the settings for Wallpaper, Ringtone, Vibrate, Listening on the phone, and Playback seconds.

Fake Call False Call Settings iPhone


  • Both Timer and Date setup available.
  • Fake calls can come in from any of your contacts or a new one you set up.
  • Make fake outgoing calls to any contact or using the keypad.


  • You must tap the notification to receive the call.
  • Ads pop up after ending the call.

The Fake Call (False Call) app is a great app that does what it promises and does it well. Again, it’s available for free on iPhone.

If you like the features and pros of Fake Call (False Call) but the cons are not quite up your alley, then here is one more option to check out.

Fake Call Plus

Another app that does the same thing is Fake Call Plus, which is also available for free on iPhone. Set up fake incoming calls with the timer from three seconds to one hour later. Choose from the list of built-in names or add your own, plus a photo. Select the ringtone, vibration, voice, and wallpaper.

Fake Call Plus Settings and Call iPhone


  • No notification to touch for your call to come in, the app calls you automatically for the time you set.
  • Return to your real desktop or choose an image for after you hang up. You can also pick the call background picture.


  • Once you set up the fake call, you cannot lock your screen or touch the Home button.
  • Plenty of ads during the setup process.

Fake Call Plus is available for free with an in-app purchase to remove the ads and lock all characters.

Wrapping it up

Each of these apps works good for its purpose, but each has a different approach. The first app has great features but requires you to tap a notification for the fake called to be received which isn’t ideal. The second app calls you without you having to touch anything, but won’t work if you lock your phone or hit the Home button which can be inconvenient.

Since each app is available for free, give them both a try. See which setup and process works better for you. Then, hop back over here and let us know in the comments or hit us up on Twitter telling us which one you like.