How to loop a video in QuickTime on Mac

Sometimes you just can’t get enough of a video. Whether it’s one you created or one that someone shared with you, whether it’s audio or visual, you can easily play it over and over without hitting a button. If it can be played in QuickTime, it can be looped in QuickTime. And you can do this in just a few clicks.

Here’s how to loop a video in QuickTime Player on Mac.

loop video in quicktime on Macbook Screen

Loop your QuickTime video on Mac

  1. Open the video in QuickTime.
  2. Click View from the top menu bar.
  3. Select Loop.
Loop QuickTime Video Mac

That’s it! Now you can sit back and watch, listen, or both as the video plays again and again from the beginning.

You can also press the Command + Option + L keys together to quickly toggle on and off the loop feature in QuickTime Player.

It’s super easy to play videos in QuickTime in a loop. So, watch your puppy do their new trick, listen to your child sing, or make sure the screen recording for work is just right by looping your video.

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