How to loop YouTube videos and playlists

how to loop youtube videos - clip of The Office

When you find a video on YouTube that you just can’t get enough of, you might want to play it over and over again. But, why take the time to keep hitting the replay button when you don’t have to? Here’s how to loop YouTube videos on desktop and mobile.

Loop a video on desktop

Playing a video in a loop on your computer is super easy though you’ll need to reveal the hidden option with a secondary click on the video player.

  1. Open YouTube in your favorite browser and play the video you like.
  2. In the video player, either right-click or hold the Control key and click.
  3. From the contextual menu that appears, choose the option labeled “Loop”.

It should look something like this.

YouTube Safari Mac Loop

You can also loop a video or playlist in the mobile YouTube app.

Loop a video on mobile

The option to loop a video used to be missing from the YouTube app, but not anymore. As of August 2021, you can also loop a video in the mobile YouTube app for iOS and Android.

  1. Open the mobile YouTube app and play the video you’d like to loop.
  2. In the video player, hit the three-dotted menu to reveal options.
  3. Choose “Loop” from the menu to put the selected video on repeat.

The video will now repeat continuously until you select the option again to turn off looping.

To loop a playlist instead, begin by playing a playlist in the mobile app. With the playlist playing, choose the Loop option in the control box underneath the video.

It’s even possible to have YouTube repeat a single video within the playlist, which is great. To do that, simply touch the Loop button again so that a “1” appears in the middle of the button.

An iPhone screenshot showing the video loop option in the YouTube app

For further information, read a support document found on the Google website.

Loop a video using the playlist trick

Before it was possible to loop a YouTube video in the mobile app, people resorted to all kinds of trickery to simulate video on repeat. The trick is in putting video in a custom playlist, then setting the playlist itself to loop.

  1. In the mobile YouTube app, play the video you want to loop.
  2. Hit the “+” (plus) icon to save the video to a playlist.
  3. On the next screen, choose the option “New Playlist”.
  4. Name your playlist and select who can view it.
  5. Hit the checkmark when finished.
  6. Close the video, then select the “Library” tab at the bottom.
  7. Select the playlist you just created and then hit the video to play it.
  8. Beneath the video within the playlist screen, tap the “Loop” button.

This single-video playlist will now play indefinitely until canceled.

YouTube App iPhone New Playlist

Keep in mind that if you add more videos to this playlist and tap the Loop button, it will loop through all of the videos saved (as shown on the images).

YouTube App iPhone Loop

So, if you just want one video to play over and over, you should put it in its own playlist.

Wrapping it up

There are all sorts of reasons and types of videos you may want to play in a loop.

Maybe it’s your favorite song, a hilarious comedy clip or an unforgettable commercial. Whatever it is, you can easily hear it and see it over and over.

What types of YouTube videos do you plan to play in loops?