At long last, Google now lets you loop a video in the YouTube app

Google recently updated its mobile YouTube app for iOS and Android with a handy looping option. You can now set a video on repeat, which wasn’t previously possible in the mobile app.


  • The “Loop” option hits the YouTube app
  • Use it to put any YouTube video on repeat
  • The selected video loops until canceled

An iPhone screenshot showing the video loop option in the YouTube app

The YouTube app now lets you loop videos and playlists

Similar to the web interface, the new “Loop” option reveals itself upon tapping the three-dotted menu on the currently-playing video, as spotted by The chosen video will repeat continuously until you select the option again to turn off looping.

A support document on the Google website says you can also put any playlist on repeat.

To do so, start playing a playlist in the mobile app, then choose the Loop option in the playlist control box underneath the video. To repeat a single video within the playlist, tap the Loop button again so that a “1” appears in the middle of the button.

How to loop YouTube videos and playlists

Before today, there was no easy way of putting a YouTube video on repeat in the mobile app. No more will people need to resort to tricks like adding a video to a playlist, then setting that playlist on repeat just to have the clip play indefinitely.

This option has been present for quite some time now in the desktop interface at, but we don’t know why it took so long to bring it to mobile.

If you’re using YouTube in a browser on your computer, you can put any video on repeat with just two clicks. Start by playing a video you want to put on repeat, then right-click anywhere on the video and choose the “Loop” command from the contextual menu.

To stop looping a video, deselect this option.