How to use Twitter Search like a pro

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Twitter offers a search feature, just like most similar applications. The problem is, sometimes you still can’t find what you’re looking for. With this in mind, here is a helpful list of search options that can help.

So, if you’re ready, here’s how to use Twitter search like a pro.

Username searches

If you’re looking for tweets from a specific user or to a specific user, try these username searches.

  • from:username > Finds tweet from certain user.
  • from:username1 to:username2 > Finds tweets from one user to another user.

Search filters

To really narrow down your search results, add one of these filters to your search term. We’ve included an example for each to show you how to format them and what they do.

  • filter:verified > Finds tweets from verified users.
    • money filter:verified > Finds tweets containing the word “money” from verified users.
  • filter:replies > Finds tweets with replies.
    • flower filter:replies > Finds tweets containing the word “flower” that have replies.
  • filter:retweets > Finds tweets with retweets.
    • taco filter:retweets > Finds tweets containing the word “taco” that have retweets.
  • filter:links > Finds tweets with links.
    • money filter:links > Finds tweets containing the word “money” and links.
  • filter:images > Finds tweets with images.
    • cow filter:images > Finds tweets containing the word “cow” and images.
  • filter:media > Finds tweets with video or images.
    • puppy filter:media > Finds tweets containing “puppy” with video or images.
  • filter:news > Finds tweets with news.
    • entertainment filter:news > Finds entertainment news.
Twitter Entertainment News Filter

Date searches

Date searches are helpful for finding the newest tweets for your search term or those that you know were posted during a certain time frame.

  • until:date > Finds tweets before a certain date.
    • flower until:2018-10-01 > Finds tweets containing the word “flower” posted before October 1, 2018.
  • since:date1 until:date2 > Finds tweets between two dates.
    • flower since:2018-01-01 until:2018-10-01 > Finds tweets containing the word “flower” posted between January 1, 2018 and October 1, 2018.

Location searches

Want to find tweets from users near you? Use this search with your city and state. Then adjust the miles for how close or far the search should look.

  • near:city,state within:Xmi > Finds tweets near your city and state within the number of miles you enter.
    • near:orlando,fl within:25mi > Finds tweets near Orlando, FL within 25 miles.

Other common search operators

Here are some other common search operators you can use. Just swap out the keywords for your own search terms.

  • sunny day > Finds tweets with both words “sunny” and “day”.
  • “sunny day” > Finds tweets with the exact phrase “sunny day”.
  • sunny OR day > Finds tweets with either words “sunny” or “day”.
  • movie -animated > Finds tweets containing the word “movie” but not the word “animated”.
  • taco ? > Finds tweets containing the word “taco” that ask a question.
Twitter Taco Question Filter Search

There are plenty of additional operators that you can use and this Twitter Developer page shows them all.

Twitter Filters and Advanced Search

If you like the idea of combining keywords with filters, dates, and other search options, but want to go the super easy route, Twitter offers both Search Filters and an Advanced Search. Here’s how to access them.

1) After you’re signed in on the Twitter website, enter a term into the Search box on the top right and hit Enter or Search.

2) When the results display, look on the left and you should see Search filters.

Twitter Search Results Access Filters

3) Click Show to see your filter options. You can enter filters for who the tweet is from, where, which language, and the quality filter. Once you select a filter, your results will automatically update.

4) If these four filters aren’t quite what you need, click Advanced search at the bottom of that box. You’ll then be taken to a page where you can enter more details for words, people, places, and dates.

5) Enter your search terms and hit Search.

Twitter Searches - Filters and Advanced Search

Let the search begin

Hopefully these search options will help you find exactly what you’re looking for on Twitter when you need to do something more than just browse. Are there any other search tricks that you use when looking for a certain type of tweet on Twitter? Share your tips with us in the comments!