Apple releases iOS 12 beta 2: see what’s new

iOS 12 beta 2

As expected, Apple has released iOS 12 beta 2 for developers. The software update arrives 15 days after the first beta was released soon after this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote. Developers can get the update from Apple’s site or over-the-air (OTA).

iOS 12 beta 2

iOS 12 beta 2 new features

The latest iOS 12 beta includes a few tweaks since the last version, including:

  • There’s a new splash screen for the newly revised Voice Memos app.
  • New splash screens are also available for the new Screen Time feature.
  • Podcasts show chapters in iOS 12; that feature has now been turned on.
  • Bigger font for the Media Types and Albums sections of the Photos app.
  • Group FaceTime calls can’t be conducted between iOS 12 beta 2 and beta 1 devices. Workaround: all group FaceTime participants should update to beta 2.
  • The Location Services icon in the status bar of #iOS12 beta 2 is a bit smaller and prettier
  • UI for purchasing content now says “Scanning with Face ID”
  • AutoFill UI for passwords save in iCloud Keychain has been tweaked
  • UI for adding time limits to apps has changed
  • new Screen Time options to view activity on a single device or all devices
  • The second beta of iOS 12 solves another mystery: the new Automatic Update option will try to install a pending iOS software update “later tonight”
  • A new toggle in Settings → Notifications on #iOS12 beta 2 lets you turn off Siri Suggestions for individual apps. These suggestions may offer to limit the notifications received from rarely used apps
  • Usage charts in iOS 12 Settings → Battery are prettier on beta 2

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iOS 12 unveiled

Introduced on June 4, iOS 12 includes lots of new features, starting with significant performance and speed enhancements that will make iOS devices going back to 2013 run much smoother and quicker.

New features include: