PSA: Jailbreakers should prepare devices for an iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak ASAP

If you’re currently on iOS 11 and stuck without a jailbreak, then you may want to consider installing iOS 11.3.1 as soon as possible to place the odds in your favor.

The official Electra website was recently updated with a footnote about how the Electra jailbreak tool would soon support iOS 11.3.1.

The upcoming support for iOS 11.3.1 will come by way of a newly-announced tfp0 exploit discovered by security researcher Ian Beer. The name should ring a bell because he’s the same fellow responsible for the tfp0 exploit that made jailbreaking iOS 11.0-11.1.2 possible.

Apple just released iOS 11.4 last week so it won’t be long before the Cupertino-based tech giant stops signing iOS 11.3.1. That said, you should probably consider installing iOS 11.3.1 before Apple stops signing it if you have any intention of jailbreaking.

Anyone jailbroken on iOS 11.0-11.1.2 with Electra or otherwise is advised to save their SHSH blobs to have the option of upgrading to iOS 11.3.1 with futurerestore in the future. We have numerous tutorials about using futurerestore that may be helpful to those that haven’t tried it out yet.

Apple continues to sign iOS 11.3.1 as of this writing, so it’s possible to downgrade from iOS 11.4 to iOS 11.3.1; you can also upgrade to iOS 11.3.1 if you’re using an earlier version of iOS. You can use the helpful online utility to see if the iOS 11.3.1 is still being signed at any time.

To install iOS 11.3.1, just download the firmware file for your device from our downloads page and install it with iTunes. Remember to use the (Option + Click) method on macOS or (Shift + Click) method on Windows when clicking the restore/update button so that you can select the firmware file you downloaded.

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