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Grab 10 elite apps for your Mac with this bundle

In Time, The Wolf of Wall Street, and other movies on sale in iTunes right now


Turn any headphones wireless with this Bluetooth receiver

Apple & related news

The time is now for a ‘style over substance’ year for Apple Watch

Apple signs a deal to buy digital magazine subscription service Texture

WWDC scheduled for June 4-8 in San Jose, registration now open

Apple to host educational event on March 27: “creative new ideas for teachers and students”


VideoHUD provides system-wide access to iOS 11’s new volume HUD


Textor is the missing plain text editor for iPhone and iPad

The HeartMonitor app tracks your heart rate continuously without starting an active workout

Censor your photos and screenshots with Redacted for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Google is bringing Dark theme to its mobile YouTube app today


How to enable the ‘Save As’ option on Mac

How to take a screenshot of any Mac menu

How to quickly edit screenshots on iPhone or iPad with Instant Markup

How to add, remove and rearrange apps in your Apple Watch’s Dock


Colorful geometric lines wallpapers

WWDC 2018 iPhone wallpapers

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