Colorful geometric lines wallpapers

geometric lines wallpaper

Continuing with one of our most popular wallpaper categories, today’s Wallpapers of the Week are geometric patterns. These abstract, yet mathematically beautiful images are set on a gradient background. Because of their design these images will make excellent Lock or Home screen wallpapers. Importantly, we have received many communications from readers looking for exact dimension wallpapers for their iPhone 6/s/7/8. Today, is your day. The following collection is sized specifically for you!

iPhone colorful geometric lines wallpaper

Our Wallpapers of the Week section is a curation of incredible images we find across the Internet, have submitted to us, or get tipped by other readers. If you would like to submit a tip, trick, or wallpaper, catch up with me directly via @jim_gresham. You may also snag a mid-week download or previews of next week’s iDB wallpapers!

Today’s collection is from @rosinapissaco. She has an entire dribbble gallery full of incredible work, which included the following wallpapers, designed for iPhone 6/s/7/8. You will be able to enjoy them on your iPhone X or Plus sized devices. After all, the images are unfocused pixel art anyway, therefore any blurring on larger devices is arguably an intended effect. Either way, they a great! Add them to your iPhone right now!

Download: iPhone

Download: iPhone

Download: iPhone

Download: iPhone

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