Wallpapers of the week: colorful geometry

colorful geometric wallpaper on iphone

Geometric patterns are a recurring favorite in the Wallpapers of the Week collection. The beauty is typically found in the way colors mix and match themselves among the many image facets. This set certainly fits the bill when it comes to both intriguing imagery and color schemes. Created by @DanielKorpai, a self-taught designer, the full set is included below, along with links to some of our geometric archived wallpaper sets.

Colorful geometric wallpapers

Korpai’s original work is incredible. He used Sketch to make the follow six image set. You can view more of his design project work on a dribbble gallery.

This pack is available to you because Korpai submitted his images to me via @jim_gresham. If you have your own collection of original work or even an awesome image you found elsewhere, send them my way. Follow along for images during the week and previews of upcoming iDB wallpaper posts.

Download: iPhone

Download: iPhone

Download: iPhone

Download: iPhone

Download: iPhone

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