A beautiful collection of geometric wallpapers for iPhone

Geometric Splash

The Wallpapers of the Week series is advancing in age, and with age comes experience. We keep a close eye on the section and try to determine what readers enjoy, what is a habit, a preference, a hate. Of course, data provide quantitative numbers and comments provide qualitative feedback. Crossing the two, provides a path for further posts.

Naturally, not every reader will find their favorite wallpaper each week and they are always quick to sound off. However, there is a certain thread of wallpapers that always seem to draw positive attention: geometric shapes.

Geometric wallpapers for iPhone

The images below were sourced from iDevice Walls. You can find a wide selection of wallpapers, specifically for iPhone 5 and newer. Additionally, @iDeviceWall keeps a steady stream of high quality images as well.

To download the following set of images, simply tap the wallpaper and a full resolution version will load. On your iOS device, save the image to Camera Roll and set it as wallpaper from the Share Sheet.

Geometric iceberg wallpaper

Geometric Iceberg Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus

Abstract wallpaper

Abstract Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus

Wood circles minimal wallpaper

Circles wood minimal Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus

Enterprise geometry

Enterprise Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus

Shattered pattern wallpaper

Shattered Pattern Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus

Minimal mountains

Mountains Minimal Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus

Black shapes

Shapes Black Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus

Simple minimal points

Simple Minimal Points Wallpaper iPhone 6 Plus

Previous geometric wallpapers

You can find previous geometric posts in the wallpaper section. To make things easier for you, here is a short list of other wallpapers in the same genre:

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Wallpaper submissions

The Wallpapers of the Week section is made possible by readers! If you stumble across a great image or have a resource of curated wallpapers, make sure I know about them! The best way to do this is find me on Twitter @jim_gresham. From there you can send me a link or keep up with the images I find that do not quite make the section each week.

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