Instagram’s Bolt wallpapers


As with previous Wallpaper of the Week editions, there is a desire to populate relevant media to the section. Typically, the section is completed with wallpapers by theme or genre. Alternatively, when there are time related walls, we like to make sure they spot light on the Sunday afternoon post.

Instagram released a new Snapchat competitor, Bolt. Considered a “one-tap photo messaging” solution, Bolt does not require a Facebook or Instagram account to operate. Instead, Bolt utilizes a mobile phone number to interact with friends via photos and videos.

With a minimal and elegant home page, Bolt sparked the interest of @JasonZigrino, who submitted his wallpapers inspired by the new app.


If you are a Wallpapers of the Week follower, Jason’s name should be familiar. Posting time-specific wallpapers for events such as the Puerta del Sol and Tokyo store openings. If you are looking for his full portfolio, check out his Deviant Art gallery or personal portfolio.

The wallpaper sets below are available both with the Bolt logo and without. Those links labeled “variation” are the plain version.


Download: Blue (variation); Yellow (variation); Gold (variation)


Download: Pink (variation); Green (variation); Purple (variation)

If you are a big fan of the above wallpapers, make sure to check out our very popular posts of geometric designs. Several weeks back, we posted a “simple” and “complex” pack of wallpaper images, inspired by geometry. Combined, the two posts received in excess of 200 Twitter shares, which is about two-times the normal rate.


Each week the section is pushed with content from readers! The above wallpapers were submitted to me via Twitter @jim_gresham. Another way to get in touch is via email, where you can find me at Make sure the images are in iOS format. Just sending over your favorite beach photo will not cut it.