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A couple weeks ago, we posted a set of “simple geometry” wallpapers by @A_RTX on the Wallpapers of the Week section. The images were met with quite a lot of fan fair, receiving more than twice the number of social shares than other previews wallpaper posts. With more than 150 shares, I decided to add another wallpaper set in the same genre.

If you did not, go back to the simple geometry post for six, excellent wallpapers. If you are an old pro at the wallpaper section, forge on to redeem your new set of images…


Today’s set of images was scoured from @iDeviceGFX‘s timeline. The feed includes a steady stream of iOS device wallpapers and I encourage you to check them out by visiting his profile directly.

Blind by Lights preview Milk mod II preview

Download: Blind by Lights; Milk mod II

Soft and Sweet mod preview Going Night Pattern preview

Download: Soft and Sweet mod;  Going Night Pattern

Geometric preview Gradient Polygon preview

Download: Geometric; Gradient Polygon

Specularity preview 1 mod preview

Download: Specularity; 1 mod


Grabbing these wallpapers is simple. Below each preview thumbnail is a link with the image name. The image names correspond respectively to the images above. Once the full resolution image is loaded, tap hold and save the wallpaper to your Camera Roll. From a desktop computer, save the full resolution image to your iTunes sync folder, to get them on your iOS device.

As a reminder, if you like the above wallpapers, the simple geometry wallpapers can be similarly downloaded on our previous post. The below image is a preview of the additional images.

Afrokat Wallpaper Splash


I am constantly searching the web and twitter to find excellent wallpapers. Many of the images posted in the wallpaper section are from user submits. To get your images considered, you do not need to be the original artist. Simply, hit me with them on Twitter @jim_gresham or embed them in an email to Make sure any images you send my way are pre formatted for an iOS device, or they will not be considered.

What do you guys think? Keep the comments coming, as they help direct future wallpaper posts!