How to allow guests to connect to your Wi-Fi network with a QR code

QR code for Wi-Fi network access

We recently shared a quick and easy way to share access to your Wi-Fi network without revealing the password using a new feature available in iOS 11. As noted by iDB reader websyndicate in the comments of that post, another way to share access to your Wi-Fi network without exchanging any network name or password is to use a QR code.

By using a browser-based website, you are able to generate a QR code that will automatically connect your friends and family to your Wi-Fi network when scanned. Simply print this QR code and leave it in a drawer or maybe in the guest bedroom of your house.

This is particularly helpful if like me you have many guests visiting your home and you don’t want to leave your Wi-Fi password on a postit note for everybody to see.

How to generate a Wi-Fi QR code for your guests

To create the Wi-Fi network QR code, first visit Type in the name of your network and your password, then click on Generate.

Generate Wi-Fi network QR code

The web app will generate the QR code which you can print or screenshot.

Going forward, visitors coming to your home with an iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 or later will simply have to point the camera of their device at the QR code and they will be automatically logged in to your Wi-Fi network.

As for Android users, they will apparently have to download Barcode Scanner by ZXing, or any other barcode scanner app based on the ZXing library. While I tested this works flawlessly with iOS, I didn’t have an Android friend on hand to test it out.

Is it safe to share your Wi-Fi password with this web app?

Yes, according to the developer, this web app will “render the code in your browser, on your machine, so the WiFi stays as secure as it was before.” The developer also invites people to read the web app’s code, which is available on Github for extra peace of mind.

Is it safe to share this QR code with my guests?

Let’s put it this way, it’s probably safer to share a QR code with one of your guests than to share the actual password to your Wi-Fi network in plain text.