Sharing a Wi-Fi password from your iPhone to another device is possible. Yes, you read that right. If someone wanted access to your Wi-Fi network, and you aren’t able to remember the password, you can simply share the password from one device to another.

Today, we’re going to show you how you can share a Wi-Fi password from your iPhone to an Android device. It’s a fairly simple thing to do, and a great way to share your Wi-Fi password without actually revealing it.

Share Wi-Fi password from iPhone to Android

Since iPhones can be very limited when it comes to sharing, thanks to better privacy, it isn’t a straight cut job to share a Wi-Fi password with an Android device. You will need to download a third-party app for this, which will then create a secure QR code for the Wi-Fi password. Simply share this QR code with your Android buddy, and they’ll have immediate access to your Wi-Fi network. Here’s what you will need to do;

  1. Download a free app called Qrafter from the App Store.
  2. Once it’s installed, launch the app and then tap on the Create button.
  3. Select the Wi-Fi Network option.
  4. Enter your Wi-Fi SSID and password in the next step. Yes, you will need to remember your password for this step.
  5. Now tap on the Preview Content option. It’ll show you a mockup of the QR code.
  6. Finally, tap the Create button and your very own Wi-Fi QR code is now ready.

You can now save this QR code to your iPhone gallery and show it to your Android friends or relatives whenever they invade your house. There are plenty of other apps that can also create a QR code for you, and those will work just as fine. If you own a jailbroken iPhone, then you can use the WiFiQR tweak to share your Wi-Fi network password.

Now, on the Android side of things, it’s pretty simple once again. Simply open up the camera app on your Android device, and point it at the QR code. You may also use a QR code reader if you like. The Wi-Fi network should show up on the camera viewfinder of the Android device. Tap on it to automatically connect to the Wi-Fi.

Is it safe to use a third-party app to create a QR code for my Wi-Fi?

Yes, according to the developer of the Qrafter app, it is perfectly safe to create a QR code for your Wi-Fi network. The app uses AES 256 when encrypting the QR codes, which is the industry standard for encryption.

Wrapping Up

It is easy to share a Wi-Fi password from your iPhone to an Android smartphone or tablet. Yes, you will need to use a third-party app that can create a QR code for your Wi-Fi network, but that’s how things are on the Apple ecosystem. We hope this tutorial helped you learn how to easily share a Wi-Fi password from your iPhone.

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