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WiFi List lets iPhone users view previous Wi-Fi networks & their passwords

After you log into a Wi-Fi network on your iPhone, it will remember that network and connect to it automatically when in range. As you might come to expect, this means your handset keeps a database of previously used Wi-Fi networks. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow users to access this information on their own devices out of the box.

If your iPhone is jailbroken, then you may be excited to learn that there’s a way around this frustrating quandary. A newly released and free jailbreak app dubbed WiFi List by iOS developer Itaybre consolidates all of your previously used Wi-Fi networks, their passwords, and more valuable information about them into one convenient place for future reference.

WiFiQR lets you share your currently-connected Wi-Fi network with a QR code

Just last week, we showed you a jailbreak tweak that could generate a QR code for quickly and easily sharing your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot with another user, whether they were using iOS or another mobile operating system such as Android.

But now, a similar QR code-based jailbreak tweak called WiFiQR by iOS developer KingPuffDaddi has been released for sharing your currently-connected Wi-Fi network with others using comparable means to the tweak we showed you last week.

This tweak generates a QR code for your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot

Personal Hotspot is an indispensable feature of my iPhone that I use virtually every day as I move out of range of Wi-Fi, and while Apple has made it super easy to pair other iOS devices with the tap of a button, the same can’t be said about non-iOS devices, which often necessitate that you enter the hotspot’s password manually.

If you’re lazy like me and hate having to take the aforementioned steps when you or a friend attempts to connect a new device, then you just might come to appreciate a new and free jailbreak tweak called HotspotQR by iOS developer KingPuffdaddi.

How to allow guests to connect to your Wi-Fi network with a QR code

Wi-Fi network QR code

We recently shared a quick and easy way to share access to your Wi-Fi network without revealing the password using a new feature available in iOS 11. As noted by iDB reader websyndicate in the comments of that post, another way to share access to your Wi-Fi network without exchanging any network name or password is to use a QR code.