QR Codes

Save your custom edits and share them as reusable looks via QR codes in latest Snapseed update

Google today rolled out another update to its free of charge photography app, Snapseed. In Snapseed 2.16, you can now save your complex edits as reusable looks.

You can apply saved looks to other images with a few taps or share them with friends and other Snapseed users via QR codes. This Snapseed update also lets you apply the Structure filter to individual areas with the Selective tool.

Google launches Chrome 56 for iOS with QR code scanning and overhauled tab switcher on iPad

Google today updated Chrome for iPhone and iPad on App Store with a pair of new features. The first allows you to scan a QR code or barcode by selecting a new Scan QR Code option in the shortcuts menu after pressing the app’s Home screen icon with 3D Touch on iPhone 6s/7 series. On older devices without 3D Touch, search for “QR” in iOS’s Spotlight feature to reveal a shortcut to the browser’s new barcode-scanning function.

FreeChat for WhatsApp brings a free native desktop app for WhatsApp to Mac

Anyone who uses WhatsApp Messenger who has been looking for a truly free native-style desktop app experience on their Mac has been hard-pressed to find a really good client that didn’t have hidden costs and worked extremely well in the same package.

Fortunately, FreeChat for WhatsApp is an app on the Mac App Store that you can download on your Mac at no cost whatsoever, and it will work exactly how you would expect a WhatsApp Messenger client to work on your Mac without any hidden costs, ads, or caveats

Scanbot 4.0 rolls out with Quick-Actions, Workflows, FTP & OneNote support and more

Scanbot, a powerful document and QR code scanner for iOS which sports optical character recognition and a slew of other cool features, was bumped to version 4.0 today.

Available on a freemium basis with optional paid upgrades, Scanbot 4.0 for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad introduces Workflows and Quick-Actions, a pair of major new features aimed at increasing your productivity by automating repeating tasks such as uploading scans to cloud services.

Portal for iOS: wireless file transfers from your computer to iPhone made easy

Portal, an Android app that launched earlier this summer, is now available on your iPhone free of charge in the App Store.

Created by a company called Pushbullet which makes a namesake cross-platform notification mirroring utility, Portal for iPhone uses QR codes and takes advantage of peer-to-peer connectivity to transfer very large files and folders between your devices in a snap.

With Portal, you can transfer files from your computer to an iOS device via a simple interface that can be accessed through any web browser. The app lets you transfer as many files as you’d like and imposes no file size limits.

Here’s a quick review of Portal based on my brief hands-on time with the app.

QR Mode turns the stock Camera app into an awesome QR code reader

In some countries, like Japan for example, QR codes are prolific and people user them often. Although that’s not the case in the United States, and probably never will be, it does seem like there has been an uptick in QR code usage in the last few years. A new jailbreak tweak called QR Mode will certainly help its cause, among jailbreakers at least.

QR Mode is by far the best looking and best functioning QR code reader on Cydia, and it’s even better than standalone app offerings found in the App Store. Its feature set is well-rounded, its implementation seriously impressive, and it doesn’t feel overly intrusive. Although it suffers from a few bugs, QR Mode is well worth its $1.99 asking price, especially if these bugs can be stamped out.

How to make the stock Camera app read QR codes

I can probably count on one hand how many times I’ve used a QR Code reader over the years. The fact that such functionality isn’t built into iOS pretty much ensures that this tech will always be dead to me. Yet, a new jailbreak tweak is trying to change that by incorporating the ability to scan QR Codes directly from the stock Camera app. NativeQR is the name of the tweak, and not only will it allow you to scan QR codes, it also allows you to share contacts using QR codes as well.

How to Access Gmail Securely With a QR Code [Video]

Normally I wouldn’t dare log into my Gmail account from a public terminal, but this QR based login from Google is definitely a step in the right direction from a security standpoint.

As first reported by Ian Paul from PC World, you can now securely log into your Gmail account without typing your username or password into a computer.

It works by using your iPhone as the means for authentication instead, and it’s a pretty slick way of staying relatively secure from would be password jackers. Video demonstration inside.

How an iPhone Can Bring a Tattoo to Life

Paris based tattoo artist K.A.R.L is probably going to make history with what appears to be the first animated tattoo brought to life with an iPhone. There is no real mystery behind it though.

K.A.R.L tattooed a QR code on his guinea-pig. The QR code was made to display an animation when activated with an QR code reader you can find in the App Store. Not groundbreaking by any means, but still pretty cool…

ScanIt: A Great Free App for QR Codes

I see QR codes springing up everywhere, and naturally, I wanted that functionality on my iPhone. There’s a free app in the App Store, ScanIt, that will allow you to use your iPhone’s camera to scan a QR code. Then depending on what type of information is contained within the code, it will launch the appropriate app.

An email address will launch the Contacts app while a URL will launch the website in Mobile Safari. This is a single-functionality app, so it will not scan barcodes. But for a free QR scanning app, this is a must have.

Here’s a cool way that I’ve integrated this into my life…