How to create your own Instagram nametag that people can scan to follow you

Instagram nametag is a customizable identification card that other people can scan with their Instagram app in order to find your profile and follow you on the service. In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll guide you through creating an Instagram nametag for your own account.

Instagram nametag launched globally on both iOS and Android on Thursday, October 4, 2018.

Create your Instagram nametag on iPhone

To create your own Instagram nametag, follow the steps below.

1) Open the Instagram app on your device.

2) Go to your account by tapping that Profile icon and then hit the hamburger menu in the top-right corner.

3) Tap the option labeled QR Code.

4) You can now customize the Instagram nametag to your liking.

Instagram Create Nametag

Tap anywhere on the screen or hit the buttons at the top to try other ready-made designs. Choose the Color icon to switch between different colors, Emoji to choose an emoji design or Selfie to take a photo and try on different selfie stickers.

Create your Instagram nametag online

1) Sign into your account on Instagram and head to your profile.

2) Click the gear icon and select Nametag.

Instagram Click Nametag Online

3) You can then choose a different color scheme if you like.

4) Click Download Nametag to save an image of it to your computer.

Instagram Create Nametag Online

How to scan someone’s Instagram nametag

You can scan an Instagram nametag in two ways, by using the Instagram app camera or you can choose to scan someone’s Instagram nametag from your own profile:

From the Instagram app camera

1) Open the Instagram app on your device.

2) Tap the camera icon in the top-left corner or swipe right into the camera.

3) Make sure the nametag you are trying to scan is visible in front of you. Hover your iPhone over the nametag, then hold on the camera screen until the nametag is captured.

From your profile

1) Open the Instagram app on your device.

2) Go to your account by tapping the Profile icon at the bottom, then hit the hamburger menu.

3) Tap QR Code.

4) Choose Scan QR Code at the bottom.

5) Hover the camera over an Instagram nametag until it’s captured.

You’ll see their user name, profile image and first/last name as defined in their Instagram settings. From there, you can choose to View Profile or Follow that person.

Instagram Scan Nametag

How’s this useful?

We are liking this feature, but its utility will be limited to the people you meet in real life. Although you can post your nametag on the Internet for anyone to scan, doing so may bombard you with unwanted requests from a bunch of strangers.

But if your profile is public and you don’t curate your followers at all, posting your nametag to social media services might help boost your follower count. You can also share your Instagram nametag in text messages, publish it on your blog, embed it in your email signature etc.

Are you an aspiring Instagram star? Does your business depend on Instagram? Either way, don’t hesitate to incorporate your Instagram nametag in your business card designs.

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