How to add an image to your email signature on Mac


Mac users who rely on the Mail app to send and receive emails can easily add a logo image to their email signature.

Doing so can make your email signature look much more professional (or tacky, depending how you look at it), and in this tutorial we’ll show you how it’s done.

You shouldn’t add just any image to your email signature. Generally what you want is a small logo of some sort that represents you or your company or business; you should always make sure it’s not too large and overpowering.

The general rule of thumb is 100-200 pixels wide is just fine, and it should be wider than it is tall. Depending on the situation, your results may vary, but you don’t want a massive logo image that takes the attention away from the email text itself.

If your image is any bigger, then we highly recommend cropping or scaling it in software like the Preview app, Pixelmator, or even Photoshop if you have it available to you.

Adding a logo image to your email signature

Once you’ve decided on a logo image to add to your email signature, you can follow the steps below to add it to your signature in the Mail app on your Mac:

1) Launch the Mail app.

2) Go to Mail → Preferences from the Menu Bar.

Mail Preferences

3) When the Preferences window opens up, click on the Signatures tab to reveal it.

iDownloadBlog Email Signatures Tab Image

4) Choose the email account signature you want to add an image to from the list of options on the left of the window.

5) Locate an image file you want to use, then click and drag it into the text field:

how to add image to email signature mac

6) When you release your mouse, your image should be added to your email signature, like so:

add image to email signature mac

And you’ve just successfully added an image to your email signature via the Mail app! Just close the Preferences window and your changes will be saved automatically.

Now whenever you send emails to someone else, they’re going to see your logo at the bottom of your emails in your signature. Pretty cool right?

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