Bring useful iPad features to the iPhone with ipadify

If you’ve ever used an iPad before, then you should already know that it sports handy capabilities that can’t be had on the iPhone or iPod touch — at least not on a stock device, that is.

With the help of a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called ipadify by iOS developer Guilherme Rambo, you can port several of the iPad’s premier features to smaller handsets, including native picture-in-picture video viewing and the ability to side-load iPad-only applications like Photoshop.

Editor’s Desk: Apple update death march, Adobe expectations, Apple Health and EHR

This week saw yet another point update from Apple to fix a problem, this time for an issue first introduced in late October. We also saw the release of an app we've been waiting for from Adobe for a year - one that's underwhelming many of us, it turns out. Apple surprised us with some welcome electronic health record integration; now if only the rest of the health care industry would catch up. Thoughts on all this stuff in this week's editor's desk roundup.