Here are all the Creative Cloud updates that Adobe announced today at MAX 20202

In addition to launching Illustrator for iPad and porting Fresco, its mobile drawing and painting app, over to the iPhone, Adobe today at MAX 2020 announced a bunch of updates to other apps that are part of the CC suite, including Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects and more.

The virtual and free Adobe MAX Creativity conference kicked off today at 9 am PT / 12pm ET.

Here’s a quick summary of everything new that Adobe announced at the MAX:

  • Livestreaming: You can now livestream your work from Photoshop, Illustrator and Fresco, as well as discover other people’s livestreams on Behance.
  • Lightroom: You can follow your favorite photographers to see the edits they used to produce a great image and even import them as a preset to use in your own work.
  • Photoshop Discover panel: AI-powered recommendations based on where you are in a project in form of tutorial videos and automated actions that do all the heavy lifting.
  • Neural filters in Photoshop: AI-powered edits that let you change a person’s expression, smooth their skin, clean up defects in an image or apply a style of drawing to a photograph. You’ll be soon able to create your own Neural Filters.
  • Creative Cloud Libraries: Creative cLoud Libraries are now available in Adobe Spark. Design Systems in Adobe XD are now built on Libraries, too. Thanks to Adobe’s API, Creative Cloud Library assets are now available from within other apps like Google Workspace, Visual Studio Code and Microsoft Teams.
  • Cloud Documents: Adobe’s clod documents feature now supports Photoshop, Illustrator and Fresco. Others can view and comment, but early in 2021 you’ll be able to invite colleagues to edit work in your Photoshop, Illustrator and Fresco cloud documents.
  • Illustrator for iPad: As mentioned in our standalone post, the popular vector-drawing software is now available on the Apple tablet following months of testing. Adobe bills the release as “the most significant advancement to Illustrator since 1987”. As someone who has been beta-testing the app in the past few months, I can tell you this is not an exaggeration. And with support for cloud documents, you can start a design on your desktop, then seamlessly pick up where you left off on your iPad.
  • Illustrator Desktop: With the latest update to desktop Illustrator, you can work better, faster and more creatively. The updates cover four important categories: New Creative Expressions, Cloud Documents, Type Precision and the All New Design Experience.
  • Fresco on iPhone: We’ve mentioned this one in a separate post as well. Previously available on the iPad, Fresco is now a universal binary supporting both the Apple tablet and smartphone. You can now use this cool digital drawing and painting app on your iPhone, with your work being synced across platforms thanks to cloud documents.
  • 3D design space in After Effects: A new 3D Design Space in After Effects makes working with 3D objects and scenes much easier and more intuitive.
  • Adobe Rush: You can now access hundreds of in-app, royalty-free soundtracks, sound effects and loops from Splice.
  • Adobe XD: New features allow you to get to final faster with 3D transforms, Creative Cloud Libraries, Visual Studio Code and other perks.
  • Adobe Aero: After being available on mobile for quite some time, Adobe’s augmenter reality creation tool today launched on the desktop in public beta.

These are only the most important announcements. Adobe also unveiled a bunch of other initiatives and under-the-hood changes in its other apps to help bring creativity to all.

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