Adobe launches Illustrator for iPad on the App Store

After releasing Photoshop for iPad a year ago, Adobe has now launched an iPad edition of Illustrator, its vector drawing app for creative pros, following months of testing.

The software was designed to work intuitively with the Apple Pencil.

If you have Apple’s stylus, you will be able to do things such as draw vector shapes and designs with ultimate precision. With Illustrator for iPad, you can create lines, shapes, type, gradients and effects, all using your Apple Pencil. Quick Pencil gestures are available for common tasks such as merging or cutting graphics to remove unwanted areas.

“Make your graphics pop with all-new effects such as point gradients, radial repeats, patterns and symmetry,” notes Adobe. Thanks to Creative Cloud syncing, you can work on a project across Illustrator, Photoshop and Fresco apps on mobile and desktop. The app includes 18,000+ fonts, 20+ color palettes, guided tutorials and so forth.

“We’re just getting started. Illustrator on the iPad will keep evolving, so stay tuned for new features,” says the Photoshop maker.

Here is the list of the key features of Illustrator for iPad:

  • Intuitive and precise drawing with Apple Pencil
    • Natural ways to draw: Make lines and curves using the Pen, Pencil and Brush tools
    • Pinpoint editing: Create perfect graphics without quality loss with Smart Delete, Simplify Path and more
    • Point precision: Edit graphics down to the point, radius or angle level
  • New ways to make stunning patterns and shapes
    • Radial, grid and mirror repeat: Turn graphics into sophisticated patterns
    • Polygon shape creation: Make objects out of circles, triangles, squares and stars
    • Shape merging and extraction: Use Shape Builder or Pathfinder to combine multiple shapes
  • The most comprehensive type toolkit for iPad
    • 18,000+ fonts: Use one of the thousands of high-quality fonts included in the Adobe Fonts library
    • Fonts of your own: Upload and design with any of your own licensed fonts and use them on both desktop and iPad
    • Type on a path: Bend and flow text onto the surface of lines and shapes
    • Outlined text: Turn text into an editable format that can be modified without limits
    • Variable fonts: They’re infinitely customizable
    • Color fonts: Explore gorgeous color variations and gradients that are built into the font
  • Brilliant colors and gradients
    • Point gradients: Drag and drop colors to create dynamic blends of diffused colors
    • 20+ color books: Use industry-standard color swatches or incorporate your own
  • Seamless movement between devices and apps
    • File syncing between Illustrator on the desktop and on the iPad: Projects are automatically synced and accessible across devices
    • Photoshop import — Easily place a Photoshop image into your Illustrator design
    • Standard file format export: Create, save and open Illustrator (AI) files with no loss of quality, and export in the most common formats, including SVG, PDF, PNG and PSD.
  • Keeping tabs on the latest creative trends
    • Livestreaming: Watch and learn from top design-industry creatives daily, right within the ap
    • Trends to discover: Explore projects by other creatives

Visit Adobe’s website for further information.

Adobe Illustrator for iPad is a free download from the App Store.

You can try the app for free but you’ll need one of the paid Creative Cloud plans to take full advantage of all its features.