Adobe Fresco brings mobile drawing and painting to your iPhone

Adobe Fresco, a mobile drawing and painting app, is now available on the iPhone and iPod touch. The app is provided as a universal update to the iPad version of Fresco.

The drawing and painting app combines the power of your favorite Photoshop brushes with the precision of vector brushes and Adobe’s technology, dubbed Live Brushes.

From Adobe’s blog post today:

We know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes telling a richer story requires adding words. And, now, with text support in Fresco, it’s easy to include words whenever they feel necessary. There are sliders for sizing, leading, and tracking, and access to thousands of Adobe Fonts typefaces. So, the next time the image doesn’t tell the whole story, add some words.

Here are the key highlights of the iPhone and iPad app:

  • Fresco on iPhone: To put it as simply as possible… Fresco is on the screen you keep in your pocket. See how we’ve redesigned the app for the dimensions and real estate of a smaller canvas.
  • Text support: A picture is worth a thousand of them but sometimes combining images and words can tell a better story. And, now, with text support in Fresco they can be added when they’re needed. There are sliders for sizing, leading, and tracking, and access to thousands of Adobe Fonts typefaces.
  • Smudge brushes: Fresco’s new Smudge brushes soften strokes, blend edges, and blur linework. To use them just tap the downward-pointing-finger icon (just below the Eraser) in the toolbar.
  • Pressure sensitivity adjustment: Mimic the way you draw on paper by controlling how Pencil responds to changes in pressure. Make changes and test them in App Settings > Input > Adjust pressure sensitivity.
  • High-resolution time-lapse: From the moment of the first mark to the final line that completes the drawing, timelapse video records every stroke placed on a canvas. Now there’s more control over the quality and dimensions of that final video. Make those adjustments before you draw in App Settings → General → Timelapse settings.
  • Version history: Previous versions of documents are now available from the More actions menu in Fresco Recent and Cloud Documents. To access the progression of any saved/synced file just tap the ellipses icon (…) under the drawing thumbnail and choose View version history.
  • Commenting: Send your work out for client review without ever leaving Fresco. Just tap the Share icon choose Share link and send that link to your client. To review and respond to comments just tap the Chat icon in the taskbar.
  • Livestreaming: It’s easier than ever to share your drawing techniques with Behance’s global online audience. Just open Fresco. Create a new document. Then tap Livestream from the Share menu in the upper navigation to let an audience look over your shoulder as you draw.
  • Adobe Capture ribbon brushes: The unique and personalized brushes created in Adobe Capture are now available in Adobe Fresco. Look for those libraries in the Pixel brushes menu.
  • Send to desktop Illustrator: Now Fresco better supports vector artists with Send to Illustrator functionality. Just tap the Share icon.

And here is the breakdown of the free vs. paid features:

Free features

  • 50+ Photoshop brushes, vector brushes and exclusive new Live Brushes
  • Access to your custom brushes from Adobe Capture and other libraries
  • Powerful tools for creation, including selections, masking, layers and layer groups
  • Automatic migration of Adobe Photoshop Sketch and Adobe Illustrator Draw projects
  • Time-lapse video that you can export to replay your creation
  • Easy export of your files as PNG or JPEG
  • Step-by-step learning content

Premium-only features

  • Access to Photoshop on iPad
  • An expanded library of 1,000+ brushes
  • Roundtripping with Photoshop on desktop (requires Creative Cloud plan with Photoshop)
  • 100GB of cloud storage
  • New quarterly brushes by Illustration evangelist Kyle T. Webster
  • Ability to import brushes (ABR files)

Adobe’s website has additional information on Fresco. The Photoshop maker has also released Illustrator for iPad earlier today, its vector drawing app.

Fresco for iPhone and iPad is free to download. You can try out some of the features for free. To enjoy everything the app has to offer, including saving and synchronizing your content across devices through the cloud, you’ll need to subscribe to a paid Creative Cloud plan.

Grab Adobe Fresco for iPhone and iPad from the App Store.