Photoshop on iPad gains healing brush and magic wand, Fresco gets one new feature

Adobe has announced the immediate availability of several new features in Photoshop for iPad and desktop, including the healing brush and magic wand, adding new features to Fresco.

Also, Photoshop Beta is scheduled to debut later this month, giving Creative Cloud members a new way to give feedback directly to the Photoshop team.

But the big news today is new features in Photoshop and Fresco.

Adobe promotional image showing the Magic Wand tool in Photoshop for iPad
Image credit: Adobe

“Today we are thrilled to release new features in Photoshop on iPad and desktop, as well as updates to Adobe Fresco,” reads a post on the Adobe blog.

Check out the notable new features Adobe has released.

Photoshop on iPad

Since releasing an iPad version of Photoshop, Adobe has continued adding new features to the app in the hope of eventually achieving feature-parity between the mobile and desktop editions of Photoshop. Today marks the arrival of two new desktop features to mobile, Healing Brush and Magic Wand, both of which are now available in Photoshop on iPad.

The Healing Brush tool lets you paint with sample pixels from the image or pattern using your Apple Pencil, with things like texture, lighting, transparency and shading all matched seamlessly. New pixels blend into the rest of the image so you can retouch your images with precision, Adobe said.

With the Magic Wand tool, you can quickly extract objects from a flat background. On top of that, Magic Wand makes selecting an irregularly shaped area easy as a pie, and you can also select a distinctly colored element of the image based on tone and color.

And with a Canvas Projection tool, you can connect your iPad to a TV or external display via HDMI or USB-C to share your canvas or live collaboration with others on a larger screen.

Photoshop on desktop

Photoshop for Mac has been updated with several new or improved AI-powered features, including Sky Replacement, Transform Warp and more. As its name suggests, the Sky Replacement feature will replace a boring sky in your photos with one of the spectacular ready-made skies. And now, Sky Replacement offers more skies to choose from and even lets you import up to 5,000 skies at once.

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Thanks to the new Transform Warp tool featuring independent Bezier handles. you can now create some complex transformations that weren’t possible before. There’s also a new Discover panel for those times when you need to search for tools, menu items and workflows or access tutorials.

Fresco on iPad

Fresco, Adobe’svector and raster graphics editor for digital painting, hasn’t seen lots of love in this update, with the only new feature being new color-based adjustment layers. These let you change and adjust colors without a permanent commitment.

You can apply non-destructive tonal and color edits to any layer or group. It’s fun to explore options and adds further compatibility with Photoshop since any previously applied color Adjustment layer is now editable inside of Fresco.

Touch the icon resembling interlocking circles to access the hue, saturation, brightness, contrast and color balance sliders.