Check out a new AI-powered photo restoration filter in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for iPhone, iPad and Mac have launched new features, including a new AI-powered filter to restore old photos in a single click.

  • Photoshop maker Adobe has previewed a new AI-powered photo restoration neural filter in Photoshop, along with a bu8nch of improvements and enhancements in apps such as Painter, Designer and Sampler.
  • Some of the noteworthy improvements include a new AI photo restoration neural filter in Photoshop and automatic red-eye removal in Lightroom.

New Adobe features in Photoshop and Lightroom

The Adobe blog provides a detailed overview of all the improvements across several apps in its Creative Cloud suite, including those for its desktop and web-based Photoshop apps, as well as Lightroom and more. The new features are immediately available to Creative Cloud subscribers after updating the apps included in your Creative Cloud suite subscription: Read: How to not overpay for YouTube Premium

Photoshop gains a new photo restoration filter

The Refine Edge feature is showcased in this browser screenshot of the web version of Photoshop, provided by Adobe
Refine Edge is one of the new features available in Photoshop for Web | Image: Adobe

In the desktop Photoshop app, there’s now a new photo restoration filter available that takes advantage of the power of Adobe’s artificial intelligence and machine learning system, dubbed Sensei. Joining other neural filters in Photoshop, this filter lets you restore old photos in a single click. It analyzes your photo to find things to fix like automatically removing scratches, reducing noise and correcting colors. Photoshop users will also love editing and performance enhancements on desktop and the web. Photoshop for Web, for instance, now supports Curves, RefineEdge, Dodge, Burn, Smart Objects conversion and mobile access for easy reviewing and commenting, among other changes.

Automatic red-eye removal in Lightroom

Adobe’s Lightroom apps have picked up the ability to automatically detect and remove red eyes from photos. Other changes in Lightroom 5.4 for Mac and Lightroom 7.4 for iOS and iPadOS include new video editing capabilities such as the ability to trim video, adjust color/exposure and use AI-powered adaptive presets optimized for video. You can now duplicate or invert an image mask at either the group or component level. And now when you paste a Select Sky or a Select Subject AI mask to another photo, Lightroom will automatically render the new mask.

Substance 3D improvements

Adobe Substance, a suite of 3D tools that includes Painter, Designer and Sampler, now runs natively on Apple silicon Macs, providing substantially faster performance and optimized battery life. Last but not least, Adobe now offers expanded access to Substance 3D to students and teachers worldwide free of charge.

Yet more news from Adobe

Adobe’s customer data platform, dubbed Adobe Real-Time CDP, has gained enriched customer profiles with commerce, AI-powered targeting, new privacy and security tools and other improvements. As detailed in a separate Adobe blog post, brands can bring new data sources into Adobe Analytics for true omnichannel analysis, now including the metaverse and streaming media. Major brands using Adobe Real-Time CDP include Dick’s Sporting Goods, Major League Baseball, Panera, ServiceNow, The Coca-Cola Company, Albertsons Companies, Amazon Web Services, General Motors, Marriott Hotels, PGA TOUR and The Home Depot.

Creative Cloud availability

Photoshop [App Store link] and Lightroom [Mac App Store link] are available as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscriptions. The Adobe Lightroom plan, priced at $10/month, gives you access to the Lightroom apps on your devices along with one terabyte of cloud storage on Adobe’s servers. The pricier $10/month 20GB Photography and the $20/month 1TB Photography plans bundle Photoshop and Lightroom along with 20 gigabytes or one terabyte of cloud storage. Lightroom for iOS and iPadOS [App Store link] offers storage upgrades starting from $1.99/month for 40 gigabytes. Read: How to subscribe to websites with Safari’s Shared Links