Save your custom edits and share them as reusable looks via QR codes in latest Snapseed update

Google today rolled out another update to its free of charge photography app, Snapseed. In Snapseed 2.16, you can now save your complex edits as reusable looks.

You can apply saved looks to other images with a few taps or share them with friends and other Snapseed users via QR codes. This Snapseed update also lets you apply the Structure filter to individual areas with the Selective tool.

A look in Snapseed can consist of almost any combination of filters and tools.

After saving a look, you can apply it to other images or add it to your current edits. For instance, you may save a combination of your favorite Grainy Film preset, Vignette and Frame to stylize your photos in one go.

Another look may apply a custom text watermark on top of your photos.

By generating a QR code for each look, you can share them with friends and followers who can scan the code to apply the look to their photos. As mentioned, the app’s Selective tool now supports applying the Details tool’s Structure effect selectively.

Simply place a Control Point on a particular area of the photo and Snapseed will apply all changes, like Structure, in a smart way on just the selected area. The previous Snapseed update brought out the ability to precisely control your brightness levels and colors with curve-based editing akin to Photoshop and other image editing apps.

Snapseed for Android gained the Insights view that’s been available on iOS while its updated Perspective tool can now automatically correct the perspective of photos.

Grab Snapseed for free from App Store.