Jailbreak tweaks of the week: App Center, Falcon, ReformX, & more…

It’s been pretty busy in the jailbreak community these last couple of weeks, mostly due to the release of the Yalu iOS 10 jailbreak just a few weeks ago, but no one around here is complaining about that!

In this roundup, we’ll be summarizing all of the jailbreak tweaks that we showed you this week, just in case you think you might have missed anything important. We’ll start with our favorites and then move on to the rest afterwards.

Our favorite releases this week

App Center – $3.99

App Center is fun new jailbreak tweak that adds running apps into their own individual pages of Control Center.

It utilizes up to nine of your recently-used apps and lets you use them in windowed mode so you can easily swipe between them for faster app multitasking.

To learn more about how the tweak works, we highly suggest reading our full review to see all of its features.

Falcon – $1.49

Falcon adds a number of new features to your Lock screen and to Notification Center by way of additional pages.

Among the things it can add are a page for toggles, a page for web browsing, and a page for jotting down quick notes. You can even secure your toggles with Touch ID so that only you can mess with them.

To learn more about what Falcon has to offer, check out our full review.

Kaze – FREE

Kaze brings one of the most popular ways to multitask from Auxo into a standalone jailbreak tweak.

By swiping up from your select ‘hot corner,’ you can easily access any of your recently used apps without ever lifting your finger from your display. When you do, the app you had selected will launch.

To learn more about Kaze, you can read our full review.

ReformX – FREE

ReformX is another jailbreak tweak that is worth checking out, mostly because it lets you change up your Home screen any way you’d like to.

Free of cost, this is like a lite version of Springtomize, and lets you change up your Home screen, dock, and folder icons any way you like, among many other miscellaneous settings.

Anyone who is into deep customization of their devices should check this tweak out, and we have a full review you can check out if you’re interested in learning more about it.

Spin10 – $0.99

Spin10 is a great tweak for changing up the way your Lock screen looks when you have music playing on your device.

Instead of the normal blocky Now Playing interface that normally shows up, Spin10 takes a much rounder approach to things by bringing circular album artwork, circular buttons, and even a circular song scrubber to your Lock screen.

You can read more about Spin10 in our full review.

Other releases this week

CCWallCustomizer: Lets you change the background of Control Center (free – review)

Dice – For Tinder: A tweak that “boosts” your dating experience in the Tinder app (free)

EnableCCMute: Enables the mute toggle in Control Center on all devices (free – review)

Eyeplugs: Keeps banners away while in applications (free – review)

Facebook Legacy UI: Takes your Facebook UI back a notch so it looks like a previous version (free)

Lockscreen Custom Text iOS10: Customize the Press Home to Unlock text on the iOS 10 Lock screen (free)

Nest10: Allows nested folders on all iOS versions later than iOS 8 (free – review)

No Suggestions YouTube: Removes the new “suggestions/related” popup that appears in the YouTube app (free)

NotifyMusic: Get a notification banner when a song changes on your device (free – review)

NougatFolder: Makes your iOS 10 folders look more like those on Android Nougat (free – review)

onion: Peels a layer off of Control Center for a nicer look (free – review)

PerfectFit: Forces older apps that haven’t been updated for your screen size to fit your display (free – review)

Phone Tools: Customize the Phone app to your liking (free – review)

Sensible: Use your Touch ID sensor as a Home button (free)

SpotifyCancelDoesCancel: Makes the cancel button in Spotify automatically close the “Add to Playlist” view (free)

SpotifyOfflineSwitch Flipswitch: A way to toggle Spotify’s offline mode on or off with Flipswitch (free)

SwipeToClearNotification10: Clear all of your Lock screen or Notification Center notifications with a swipe (free)

TeloletCharging 10: Change the sound effect you hear when connecting your device to charge (free)

TouchUnlock: Lets you interact with your iPhone even during the unlock animation (free)

UnpagedControlCenter: Removes paging from Control Center (free)

ViewBatteryBold: Makes the battery percentage in the Status Bar bold (free)

YouTube Tools: A toolbox for customizing the YouTube app to your liking (free)

9Folderz: Makes iOS 10 folders more like iOS 9 folders (free)

Although that wraps it up for this week, we’re sure there will be a bevy of new jailbreak tweaks coming out in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled and keep it tuned to iDB for the latest on all of them!

In case you missed anything last week, don’t forget to skim through last week’s jailbreak tweak roundup.

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