Jailbreak tweaks of the week: 3DAppLock, Iconizer, & more…

Tweaks of the week

Since the launch of the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak from Pangu, Cydia has been surging with new jailbreak tweak releases. The change in atmosphere has brought an end to the drought, at least for now.

In this roundup, we’ll talk about all of the jailbreak tweaks that were released this week, starting with our favorites and then moving on to the rest.

Our favorites this week

3DAppLock – $1.49

3DAppLock Home Screen Gesture

With 3DAppLock, you can lock your apps from being launched by using a 3D Touch gesture on them from the Home screen. You can then require that the user uses Touch ID or a preset passcode to authenticate themselves before the app can be opened.

This is a feature that is particularly useful for those of you who want to let people use your device, but don’t want them opening personal apps, such as Facebook or Twitter.

The tweak works with other tweaks like RevealMenu to allow you to use it on non-3D Touch devices as well. For more information about how 3DAppLock works, check out our full review.

Iconizer – $1.99

Iconizer GIF

Iconizer lets you add as many trippy effects as you want to the Home screen in various ways.

Among the things you can play with are effects for the Home screen app icons, the app icon images themselves, the app icon labels, and you can even change the effects of the Dock as well.

This tweak is very in-depth and to learn more about it, we suggest heading over to our full review to see what’s possible with it.

Genous – $1.99

Genous Edit Page

For those of you who want the perfect app icon spacing and custom amount of rows and columns of apps on the Home screen, Genous has you covered.

With this tweak, you can easily adjust all the aforementioned qualities of the Home screen to make it easier for you to have Home screen-based widgets, or to make it easier to see a pleasant wallpaper behind your apps.

For minimalists, the tweak is also convenient for un-cluttering your Home screen.

You can read our full review on Genous to learn more about what it’s capable of and how to use it.

Other releases this week

AlwaysTouch: Unlock using Touch ID even if you don’t have a passcode (free – review)

BookmarksIcons: Uses the real website icon for Home screen bookmarks ($0.99 – review)

Cleo: The way Control Center should have looked from the beginning ($1.99 – review)

Copic 2: Enables Contact pictures just about everywhere in iOS 9 ($1.99)

Easy Ringtone: Lets you create ringtones from various media sources (free)

InternalLock: Adds Apple’s internal contact information to the Lock screen (free)

LockShot: Blurs the Lock screen so you can almost see what’s waiting for you behind it ($0.99 – review)

MessageMarkdown: Enables text markdown features in the iOS Messages app (free – review)

NukeCCNiteShift: Removes the Night Shift toggle button from Control Center (free – review)

Talus: A widget with various functionalities built in ($1.99 – review)

VolBright: Lets you change the display brightness with the volume buttons (free – review)

Wave2Wake: Lets you wake your device by waving in front of the proximity sensor ($0.99 – review)

And that wraps it up for this week’s jailbreak tweak releases. If you’re itching to see more, you can continue to stay tuned to iDB for the most in-depth jailbreak tweak coverage on the web. Moreover, you can also read last week’s roundup in case you missed anything from last week.

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